Release Blitz + Review: Whitewash

Happily I present the review to the third book in the Unexpected series by Ann Grech. Let us meet Reef and Ford again.

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Double Review + Blog Tour: Bitten By Design/ Bitten by Mistake

In celebration of the release day of Annabelle Jacob’s Bitten by Design I present my review not only of the latest book but also the first one in the series, Bitten by Mistake.

Check also this post out for an excerpt of Bitten by Design as well as your chance to win a cool prize from the giveaway (at the end of this post).
Be also sure to stop by the other blogs participating to this blogtour. 🙂 Happy reading. But let us start with…

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[Opinion] What is literature? A small statement as an answer to…

Today I want to share a post from my personal facebook timeline (which I made public)
about an article from a german media site/broadcaster which made waves in the manga community.

The articles can be read here (all articles are german only):

Original article from Mister Otte @SWR
Official statement from the Leipzig bookfair
an article as an answer to the original article by Mr. Otte

I not only wrote about the article itself I also asked myself: what is literature?
Or at least I wrote about how I know the term, how I explore the term.
Maybe people disagree with me and have another opinion. But maybe people think it is worth to read my opinion about it. Share your opinion if you like. 🙂 It’s very appreciated. 🙂

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Release Blitz: Embrace the Fire

I am proudly presenting the last book in the Through Hell & Back series by Felice Stevens. Check this post out for the release blitz of Embrace the Fire. Your chance to win a fabulous price. Don’t miss this giveaway. 😉

Happy release day, Felice. ❤

Also stay tuned for my review of the book. 🙂

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A few updates… small changes. ;)

My lovely reader,

some of you might have noticed it so far but I wrote my first “larger” manga review for this blog. *happy dance*
(A former entry was dedicated to Sternensammler, written in english.)

What does it mean? For those who worry: no, I don’t neglect my gay romance titles. They will be still the major part of my blog.  I will only add manga review to my range of reviews to enlarge the variety.

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Review [Manga, GER] Verliebter Tyrann; Band 10

My lovely reader, today I want to publish my first manga review on my blog. :3

This review is written in German only because this is a title which is released through a german publisher. 😉

To all my german reader: I wish you a great read. :3 ❤


Originaltitel: Koisuru Boukun Vol. 10
Autor/Illustrator: Hinako Takanaga
Übersetzer: Ekaterina Mikulich
Verlag: Tokyopop
Erschienen: 12. Januar 2017
ISBN: 978-3-8420-3368-9
Seitenzahl: 196 Seiten
Altersgruppe: 16+ Jahre
Genre: Boys Love

Kaufen bei: Tokyopop


Morinaga ist neidisch: Ein schwuler Freund aus seiner Heimat Fukuoka heiratet und hat ihn zur Feier eingeladen. Zu gern würde er auch den nächsten Schritt mit Soichi wagen und träumt vor sich hin … Was ist, wenn er Soichi überreden kann, mitzukommen? Vielleicht lässt er sich ja von der romantischen Atmosphäre verzaubern?!

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Due to technical difficulties it seems the two reviews I wrote for

Please Don’t Go and After The Fire weren’t shown. The settings weren’t set public it seems… Very strange.
They are now at their right place on the blog. 🙂

I will leave the links to the reviews ICYMI:

Review: Please Don’t Go

Review: After The Fire

For After the Fire there was a release blitz the day so check this post out:

Release Blitz: After The Fire


Sorry for the mess.

Kisses & Hugs,
Mikku-chan ❤