A few updates… small changes. ;)

My lovely reader,

some of you might have noticed it so far but I wrote my first “larger” manga review for this blog. *happy dance*
(A former entry was dedicated to Sternensammler, written in english.)

What does it mean? For those who worry: no, I don’t neglect my gay romance titles. They will be still the major part of my blog.  I will only add manga review to my range of reviews to enlarge the variety.

You may ask: why? And that’s a good question tbh.

As an avid reader of manga for over 15 years now I think it is a good thing to add this passion also on my blog in writing reviews. I feel otherwise that I neglect this part of my reading routine.

There will be reviews from time to time, maybe I will also review the backlist of some titles. But this takes – as always – a lot of time.

What is to keep in mind: I decided to write the manga review in German only so far. But, if you request it, I will post them in english. Though I think – because they are German translation of title – it is the best to keep them in one language. Still, don’t be shy about asking me things. 🙂 I will try to satisfy as much of my reader as I can and feedback is always welcome.

Only exception are the books from the German publisher in the gay romance category. These will be reviewed bilingual, as I wrote some now and got a great response to it. But I will make clear which language which review has, so hopefully there won’t be any confusion. 🙂

This post should give you an overview and should be an info about it.

If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesistate to ask or write a comment. 🙂

You can also recommend me titles.

I will update a few categories to my blog to give you an overview, so I’ll “tidy up” a bit. But with daily chores I have to queue it a bit back. 😉 So be gentle with me. xD

Have a great sunday evening. ❤

Kisses & hugs,





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