Review: The Warehouse

The Warehouse
The Warehouse by Jason Collins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

After breaking away from the small conservative town where he was born, Nicholas Cole has been working as a dancer at The Warehouse, a dimly-lit bar where men can retreat from public view and indulge in hidden fun. His coworkers welcomed him with open arms and watched as he grew to be their top dancer. Never one to be distracted by a relationship or a handsome face, Nicholas seeks the constant excitement of dancing for large sums of money and teasing the countless men who worship him.

When a party of women and straight men walk through the door, Nicholas is surprised to say the least, but one guy in the group catches his eye.

Personal fitness coach Clint Meyers is attached to the arm of a pretty girl who seems to monitor his every move, but she doesn’t notice when Clint’s eyes land on Nic’s barely-clothed body. His coworkers insist he’s wasting his time lusting after a straight guy, but Nicholas is captivated by Clint’s ripped physique and chiseled face. The two men begin to meet in private and bond over their love of fitness, but Nicholas is distracted by the presence of a strange new loner who shows up at The Warehouse and refuses to accept rejection. As Nicholas copes with an unwanted and potentially dangerous admirer, he and Clint start to explore – and push – Clint’s boundaries.

Tempted by primal attraction, Nicholas thinks he’s up for the challenge of seducing Clint, but he quickly realizes that he might be interested in something more than just a physical connection. Under the watchful eye of coworkers, girlfriends, and stalkers, Nicholas and Clint meet in secrecy to test each other’s limits and explore their potential.

Honestly I have to say this review might be written under the aspect “it’s not the book, it’s maybe me”.

The idea with the open sexual night club seems to be honest a bit unconventional and maybe a few reader can be confused by the behaviour of Nicholas.

Still, written in the 1st person POV it is explained and understandable so the fact is soon vanished or at least dulled a bit.

However, even when the plot is interesting or intriguing though it I couldn’t enjoy it as much as the other books by Jason Collins.

He really improved the sexiness in his books, the erotic component is more dominant in this book which is based on the night club activities.

On the other hand my complain to this book is the amount of minor events. We have a side story with a stalker, the ongoing, slow building relationship between Clint and Nicholas and he is bonded to his girlfriend who is making trouble. Along with this we have the relationship between Nicholas and his co-worker and the bartender which has potential for other side stories or more books but all in all, everything combined it seemed… a bit much…

So, a few aspects could have been reduced or completely erased.

Also a few actions of the character confused me. Also I found a few logic mistakes at least for me. For example when Clint was ordering whiskey instead of beer the first time they meet each other in the bar and then later Nicholas is fond of Clint’s choice in picking up whiskey, although he knows at this time Clint isn’t really fond of beer… Maybe he wasn’t paying attention the first time but  it still confuses me. xD
The other thing was the repetitive mentioning of his tight white boxer briefs… this was a bit weird tbh… but as I say, maybe it’s me, not the book. 🙂

The rough dominantion of Clint in the erotic scenes was also sometimes a bit too much for me…

Still after all I give the book 4 out of 5 stars.

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