Blog actions / features

This site should give you an overview of my blog actions / features I participate on my blog.

Some of them are hosted by other blogs, other features are from me.

Feel free to use some of my blog actions, but please leave a comment if you plan this. It would be nice and I really appreciate this. :3

Blog actions (hosted by other blogs)

own blog actions

  • Throwback Thursday (CW = Calender Week)
  • Share the Love (<3) Sunday -> based on the “Theme Days” in the author – reader group Hassell & Hall

[…to be continued]

Edit [7/7/2017]: Currently I have rare time and haven’t updated these categories. It’s a pity but I will still have these categories active. So, they will appear on my blog from time to time but currently the main focus is on the reviews itself. 🙂

Side note: I haven’t start with any of these yet and have to link my post on the websites to the hoster of the actions to participate. 🙂 When I’m done with it I link the hoster here, of course