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thank you for stopping by. 🙂 Maybe you found your way through reviews I wrote (on GR or Leser-Welt.de (in German) or maybe you’ve found this blog randomly. Anyway I’d like to give you a little insight who am I. 🙂

Maybe you’re wondering why Mikku-chan. So, why do I call myself Mikku. The answer is really simple: it’s a nickname I chose at the early age I started exploring the internet.

The nickname was a play of sounds, of how I like to spell it. I’m highly interested in the japanese culture and so I started early to have interest in the language itself too; through manga and anime I found an early access… I could tell you a lot more about my passion about Japan and the rest but… maybe it’s only marginal. 😉 Well, if you like to know… ask me. 🙂 And maybe I write an own column with this topic.
So far I keep telling you about my other passion: talking about books in general and recently my love for Gay Romance / Male Male Fiction or Boys Love/Yaoi (the topic has many names, feel free to use your term; the latter one I use for manga publications, so in distinguish to the non-manga publications)

So, this blog should be my place to write my M/M reviews, I made an overview of my genre and tropes I like to read and review. I also give you an overview about my review style, what my ranks mean etc. Here is my list of future planned reviews.
I also tell you what I expect or what I don’t want to read, review…
But please, feel free to give me recommendations (you can do it here); I like to explore new books/manga. 🙂 And even if you don’t recommend in first place, feel free to comment my reviews and maybe we can talk about it.
I maybe plan to expand some reviews and made a larger topic about it, e.g. an author profile.

Also, if you feel you’re missing something on my site, say so; this blog is a WIP, I guess it won’t ever be really “finish”, additional content is welcome.

Oh, now I’ve wrote a lot but still the “about me” is a bit unclear… mhmhm:

So, besides of being a fan of Japan and the culture, language and the media (manga, anime, music, TV/dorama series…) I am an avid reader…

Reading is my life, it’s also my job… I am still a student of the German language, have my bachelor degree, currently writing my master… I am fond of speaking different languages although I have to admit my other two languages, french and spanish, are a bit rusty at the moment… So… be patient with me and please, better so communicate in English or German. xD
I review since December 2013 for a german review site, Leser-Welt.de, and it gave me a lot of experience… and know-how how to write a good review… 😉
To expand my love for reviewing, especially in english, I decided to create this blog. So, mixing up review won’t be seen, but I’ll post the links to my German review here (make an own column/site for it) and maybe a few of the ealier written review in German will be “translated” – which means I write a new review in English – on this blog. 🙂 So, for all the international reader who don’t understand or speak German.

Besides reading, studying and reviewing I’m also work in the publishing, which means I help an used book store. I also have several experiance in helping out in bookstores etc. 🙂

So, you see my live is surrounded by books. And it’s the passion I’ve chose, it’s the dream I had when I was younger… 🙂 What’s better than working with the one thing you love? 🙂 ❤
I hope you find something interesting on my blog. Maybe, if you like my reviews, leave a comment or feel free to follow me here or on my social media channel (click the heart symbol on my home site). 😉 You can befriend me on Facebook, follow me on twitter or… write me hear or leave an email. xD

And please, be patient with me if you don’t find anything yet… As I said, this blog is a WIP… 😀 I add content when I find time… 😀

Kisses & hugs,








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