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My beloved readers, I have great news to share. Although my blog is very small and not this old I received a nomination from a great friend of mine. The award is called Liebster Blog (Beloved Blog) and was given to me by Vi from Gone With The Books.


It is my very first nomination and I am so honored, glad and happy! Thank you, my dear! ❤ :* I am happy and proud to present this award on my homepage. :3

I already enjoyed the nomination of Vi by another great (blogger) friend, called Patricia from FiktiveWelten. And I was so, so happy for both. And now I am allowed to join this, too. 🙂

Thank you, Vi, from the bottom of the heart for the nomination – and also for being such a great friend and advise in so many things. 🙂 Our talks are great and very helpful – in so many ways.

But there are rules for being nominated.

The Rules

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you, link it to your post and display the award.
  • Answer 11 questions that the blog gives you.
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs you think deserve the Liebster Award.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.
  • Write the rules in your Liebster Award blog post.
  • Let the blogs know about your post and that you have nominated them.


So, let’s start with answering the questions, Vi gave me. 🙂
I try to answer them as honest as I can. Sometimes maybe the answers will be very short. 🙂

  • What was your first thought when you heard about your nomination?

I was speachless… and my second thought was: WTF. XD Sorry for cursing but… it is true. I was so blasted to be nominated. But on the other hand I knew about through Patricia, so… the whole nomination thing wasn’t a surprise, but I was so happy to really be nominated. :3

  • Your favorite novel?

I can say quite immediately: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It gives me so much. Witty character, a romantic plot. And a language I die for, narration at its best. 🙂
And if you ask for my favorite novel in a particular genre… Too hard to tell. xD

  • What book are you most excited about releasing this year?

Puh, another tough question… Right now I guess I’m really looking forward to read the 4th volume of Santino Hassell’s Five Boroughs series: Interborough. 🙂 This series is so great and awesome, the books are beyond everything. But since my beloved authors are releasing so much great books in the next weeks it’s hard to tell.

  • What is your favorite author?

Hell, these questions are hilarious tough xDD Okay.. yes, again: Jane Austen. I adore her writing and although I love a lot of the current writing authors and of course a few selected out of the romantic/ romantic suspense genre, I need to nail it to one. And this is Jane Austen. 🙂

  • If you could ask your favorite author only one question, what would you like to ask her/him?

So, my answer above was Jane Austen. My question would be: did you have a role model for Mr. Darcy? And I would have begged her to write a continuation about this book. XD I need more Darcy and Lizzy-action. xD

  • Where is your favorite place to read?

Hmhm,  I’m a bit picky about my place to read and don’t like to make dirt on my books / e-reader so I say: indoors. And there my couch. I have three lovely plush pillows, my music around me and large windows leading to my beautiful balcony. So yeah, this is my favorite place to read. 🙂 And always with music. 🙂

  •  If you could live in the world of one of your favorite characters/books – which would it be and why?

Wow, this is hard, again. I’m not a fantasy book reader so there won’t by any fantastical, supernatural places. And although I’m fond of the landscape of England I don’t know if I want to live in times where Jane Austen have lived. XD So, I would chose maybe a world like in the Psy Changeling World of Nalini Singh or the feline dominated world of Charie Cochet’s THIRDS series. 🙂 Worlds with shifters and combined with technology evolution sounds great… And near to the current reality (where I happyly live XD).

  • Ebook or Physical book?

Haha, two years ago I would answer: physical book. Now it’s mixed. Why? Because I explored a whole new genre due to ebooks and withtout my blog won’t exist. Easy answer. 🙂 But I am a collector from the bottom of my heart so: physical books still beat ebooks a tiny bit. 🙂 Also the whole feeling physical books give me are beyond the emotions I have while reading the ebooks; but it changed more and more since I started reading on my kindle… It’s also handy to have this device in my purse… xD

  • Tea or Coffee?

Easy one this time – for the first time XD I’m a hardcover tea addict. I can really talk about teas for a long time. Coffee is good in the morning and as a variation like latte macchiatto. xD

  • What means reviewing books to you?

The freedom to express my feelings, thoughts and joy about the books I’ve read. It gives me liberation and I love, really love to talk with other avid reader to discuss books, to explore new horizons due to other persons’s opinions about a book. I’m also honored, proud and happy (for the person) when I can recommend a book and the person is happy with it. 🙂 I love to help people and with this I can take a small tribute to this… Friends of mine would say I’m a really generous person, and with this I am able to give something to the reader of my reviews. As well as it’s a worship of the authors – even when the book isn’t my cup of tea. 😉 😉

  • What book would you like to be made into a movie and who would you cast in the leading roles?

Right now I have at least three  – sorry, can’t decide: I’d love to have a movie adaption of the Five Boroughs series by Santino Hassell… As the lead role for one maincharacter: Juan Forgia, a model who is actively posting on tumblr. xD

First by K.C. Wells – mainchara should be casted with Tim Kruger *smirk* You can *caugh* google him. xD

And the THIRDS series by Charlie Cochet would be awesome. :3

So, after answering my questions, it’s time for the nomination round –

my 6 nominees are:

I hope you are as delightes as I was. 🙂 It’s also okay not to participate. 🙂 But it would be sad, right? 🙂

And my questions are:

  • Your first thought about the nomination? Did you know about it?
  • Why blogging? And to those who have a special blog topic/theme: why this topic?
  • Your thoughts about ebooks?
  • What do you think is important in a good, accurate review?
  • Original versions vs. translations? Your opinion 😉
  • Writer or just avid reader/reviewer?
  • Which is your most hateful book/character you’ve read (about)?
  • Did you drop/not read a book because of a cover/blurb/review without reading a few pages of the book?
  • How are your thoughts about (professional) editing?
  • Does certain topics of books infect your life? For example you are joining a group/club about a certain topic?
  • What does your family/friends/significant other says about blogging and reading (passionately) in general?



Kisses & hugs,






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