Review: Learning to Love

Learning to Love
Learning to Love by Felice Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Again an amazing book by Felice Stevens. I don’t want to repeat the synopsis because it told it all.

This book was written in first person narration, something I’m not a total fan of but written by Felice with so much grace and virtuosity I loved it.
It was very good to have the story told out of Gideon’s point of view. Handsome, but a bit scruffy, he is not the most charming character I’ve read about but he is honest and in his grumpyness sexy. :3 He has a hot appearance, dark looks.

[spoiler follows]

He is the main character with the dyslexia, a reading disorder where you have struggle to form and read sentences properly but which doesn’t influence the intelligence.
This sensibible topic was well explored by Felice. You could really feel the deep emotions, the struggles and the anger Gideon have during his life living with this

[end of spoiler]

On the other hand there is Jonah, Gideon’s nemesis – the guy he is fantasizing since highschool.

With his also handsome, appealing look – dark, tall and with curly waves and deep trustful eyes – he is another hot piece of cake in this book. :3

[spoiler follows]

Scared of his feelings towards Jonah, he hurt conditionally and on purpose. And is well aware of being a light pain in the ass XD

[end of spoiler]

With Jonah as his quite opposite, the peacemaker there is the gat diversity between the two character and the drama as well as the balance. Jonah is the family type, he seemed settled and has total faith in Gideon.

It’s touching that he…
[spoiler follows]

is the one who searched for a doctor for Gideon. The drama which developes with this was necessary and you understood both sides.
It’s the maturity of Jonah and the sometimes childish behaviour with is the most interesting part besides the hot sex scenes.

[end of spoiler]

Hot for each other, it’s Jonah who take the first step – something I was a bit overwhelmed but I loved it though… The chemistry was everytime palpable between the main character, the scenes necessary hot but not too much, the focus not only of stupid bedaction. xD

The lightheart tone of Felice’s story was shown again with the character and their actions.
Besides Jonah and Gideon there were so many awesome minor character.
First Rico, the smart business partner and best friend of Gideon. I instantly liked him and I’m happy that Felice plans to write a book with him. :3
Rico is a perfect support for Gideon, sexy as the both MCs, but quite different with his exotic spanish charme and the sexy look. :3

Another pleasant character was Jonah’s father, Rabbi Ari. He was the settled, elder guy and later…
[spoiler follows]

important father figure for Gideon. His support and his acceptance of the relationship between Gideon and his son is something beautiful and it warms your heart up.

[end of spoiler]

At the end there was the…
[spoiler follows]

appearance of Gideon’s father, who was sorry for everything. It was hard to see how Gideon wasn’t ready to forgive his father, on the other hand it was totally understandable… Maybe we get another book where we see how Gideon and his father come along. Even if Gideon doesn’t forgive his father, it’s important to see how he and Jonah manage this situatation.

[end of spoiler]

A fact I liked besides above-said was the cultural diversity with getting an insight of a jewish culture. I wasn’t really aware what kind of food they make for their Chanukka and with the edit of the recipies it is a nice special for the reader.

I enjoyed the book totally, it was 5 stars out of 5 worth, I can totally recommend it. :3
The ending was great, I had to cry a bit, I was so proud and happy for Gideon and Jonah. :3


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