Review: False Start

False Start
False Start by Alison Hendricks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

The second installment of the series but totally fine to read as a stand alone.
The plot is already described, see the general information. ūüôā

The book was a switch between the POV, between Dante and Mitchell (aka Mitch). Both times it’s the first person narration present tense, a POV you have to get into but you accustom very fast.

I really liked the differences between the guys. Dante, known from the first book, Strong Side, is still playing for the Eastshore Tigers, but is yet a senior.
He grew up in a suburbian area, his mother is dealing with the struggles of his langlord and the high rent.
The differences between the lifestyles of Dante and Mitch are palpable.
Where Dante is a big, burly black guy Mitch is as tall as he but with a pale skin, a neatly trimmed beard and blond hairs, tied into small ponytails. Dante’s nickname for him, “Thor”, is totally fitting.
Besides the differences they both have also different ways of living – Mitch rich and well-situated but forced by his dad to follow the business and tradtion and Dante dutiful and in need to help his mother…

The chemistry between the character is there, it is at the beginning hidden under the strong nearly aggressive feelings, radiating by Dante. Mitch on the other hand tries to get in contact, to be friend with him – something, Dante isn’t really happy about it.

It is really interesting to see how Dante looses his scepticism, his (passive) aggressive behaviour and the boys fit so well together.

The erotic scenes where hot as hell, I really loved the fact that there weren’t the sounds of the boys but the describtion…. :3

What I also liked were the playing scenes, they were full of dynamic, full of action. As much as I like. :3

A great second book by Alison Hendricks. Worth to read, totally able to read as a stand alone but even better if you know the former character and events.

Conclusion: 5 out of 5 stars

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