Review: The Way to his Heart

The Way to his Heart
The Way to his Heart by Felice Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Love is going pretty well for Gideon Marks. He’s living with his boyfriend, Jonah, and his business is thriving beyond his wildest dreams. So why is he still worried he’s not enough, and all he holds dear will slip through his fingers?

Jonah Fine has everything he wants; he’s head over heels in love with Gideon and has finally stepped out from under the shadow of his father. Aware of Gideon’s continuing struggle with dyslexia, Jonah tries to reassure him that they are equal partners in their relationship by making their first Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Ghosts from the past reappear, sending Gideon into a tailspin. He must make the decision to either hold on to the anger he grew up with or forgive the pain he’s carried with him all his life. It will take all of Gideon’s courage, Jonah’s love, and a special surprise for Gideon to finally realize the one person he must learn to love is himself.
This is a brand-new, 12,000 word short story.

Gideon and Jonah could be so happy – and are, but Gideon can’t help himself and worry he is not perfect for Jonah and that he limits his love of his live.

Gideon is still struggeling with his dylexia and though he progress he feels like he comes to a limit. Jonah is trying to comfort his boyfriend and because he want to treat Gideon as special as he is he decides to make him a Valenine’s dinner… But Jonah isn’t the talented cook.

This Valentine’s story by Felice Stevens was as charming and sweet as Learning to Love and yoz enjoyed the reunion with Gideon and Jonah but also Rick, Gideon’s co-worker and Jonah’s father. Even the angsty parts in the book were fitting to the whole book and rounded it totally up.

Before the two boys get their HEA they have to taste the bittersweet feelings and have to agree only loving each other isn’t enough.

Perfect for the Valentine’s Day but also for every day if you in need of a sweet, emotional story. ❤


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Happy Valentine’s Day to all my follower. :* ❤


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