Review: Code Silver

Code Silver
Code Silver by Max Walker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Dean Harper is the type of doctor anyone would want to bump into in an elevator. He’s devilishly handsome, deeply caring, and has a pair of sapphire blue eyes that pierce right through you. He was well on his way to having the perfect life with who he thought was the perfect man. Well, until he found that ‘perfect’ man cheating on him with three other guys. At the same time.

Noah Silver is having a difficult time. With his mom passing and his dad growing more and more difficult to live with, he’s pushed into an unorthodox way of making money. He knew that being a cam boy would be temporary, but he didn’t realize how drastically it would change his life.

He had no idea he would meet the man of his dreams because of it. He also had no idea he would become the target of a serial killer because of it.

Dean’s world gets turned upside down when Noah, the guy he’d been fantasizing with through a computer screen, ends up in his exam room. Their connection is immediate, even though Noah has no idea Dean is behind his online crush. They both have issues to work on, but can either of them pass up a chance like this? Or are they both throwing themselves into harm’s way?
Code Silver is the first book in the Sierra View series. It’s a full-length, steamy gay romance that can be read alone and has no cliffhangers.

I can’t say it is a bad book but some parts were a bit long (or felt long) and a few gave me the feeling of being mixed a bit random. Though we have events in the beginning which make sense later it felt “not right”. Though it was thrilling and entertaining but… as I said, in my opinion a bit long and in danger to bore the reader. I had still a good time reading it, maybe it was just my mood this day.

There was a palpable and very hot chemistry between Noah and Dean. Both guys are pleasant in their character development, and though I like them and their charming behaviour you have to be aware that both guys are typical “perfect” guys. If you are in love with these kind of stories the book has not only one but two hot dudes as main character. I was… slight, but only a bit destracted by the “perfectness” of the two guys, maybe – as feeling some parts a bit lenghty – it was also because of my mood while reading it. I try to be objective but I am not flawless – so I can even only give an advise. 🙂

I really liked some parts, some were really sexy, other sweet and emtional and the chemistry was undoubly there between Noah and Dean.

It is also always nice to have small reapperances of other character, this time we get to know that Dean is the brother of Chris from Daddy Kissing Santa Claus.

Because of the said aspects where I think the book was a bit long, aspects mixed together and because I was a bit tired of the “perfect”, flawless appearance of the two boys I can only give 4 out of 5 stars


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