Review: Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
Daddy Kissing Santa Claus by Max Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Chris Harper is a writer with a heart of gold who finds himself down on his luck when his day job suddenly goes under. Left jobless, he’s able to land a gig as a mall Santa. He expects it to be a decent temporary job without making any lasting impression on his life.

Ho ho hooo, was he wrong about that.

Mark Nolan is a handsome real estate mogul who lived most of his life as a lie. When his daughter was born, Mark realized he needed to be true to what he felt. He came out as gay and tried to find love with another man, only to have his heart shattered and his trust fractured.

Then, during a masquerade party, Mark connects with a man unlike any other. Unfortunately, their connection is abruptly cut short and both are left asking themselves ‘what if’.

A year later and that same man is sitting in Santa’s sleigh, waiting to hear what Mark’s daughter wants for Christmas. Will they listen to fate and try to form something that lasts beyond chance encounters or will the ghosts of Christmas past come to tear them apart?
DADDY KISSING SANTA CLAUS is a hot and steamy, gay romance novel with no cliffhangers and a ton of holiday cheer.

This is a holiday themed story by Max Walker I really enjoyed. It was humorous, fitting for the pre-christmas time. The title is later in the book explained and it grabs your attention.

The character are charming, Chris is a very interesting main character. I immediately feel comfortable with him, he has an easy attitude. Mark seems a bit earnest, but this is because of his family situation. With being a father and divorced – so a long time for the society around him straight – he tries to balance his duty as a father and his desires.

Another charming person in the book is Mark’s daughter Katie, she is a real sunshine and it gives the holiday theme a fuller note. Also Chris’ brother Dean  – the hero in the next book – and Chris’ best female buddy Tina are sweet and round the book up.

You are from the first to the last page into the christmas topic, there are descriptions full of twinkling lights, garments and bells, canday canes and other festival things. If you don’t like to read any about it don’t grab this book. xD If you love christmas, you will be on cloud nine.

The balance between the sweet emotions and the hot, steamy sex is great, it didn’t really  felt rushed, though the feelings are revealed soon and can be called “love at first sight”.

It is a pleasant holiday read, the drama is really low, so if you are in search of a holiday novel you will be satisfied.

The small reappearance of Sean and Conner from First Down was unexpected but pleasant. :3 Love this small connection between the stories.

5 out of 5 stars



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