Review: Something New

Something New
Something New by Harper Logan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

A marriage of convenience is one thing. But married to a straight guy? That’s a whole different story…
Brooklyn Blackwell’s got a dissertation to finish and tenure to secure – the last thing he’s looking for is romance. But with his advisor’s charity on the brink of losing funding, Brooklyn’s got one shot at saving it. The bet seems easy enough: marry a straight guy, stay married for a year, and snag a hundred thousand dollars. It doesn’t count as romance if the guy’s not into him, right? This should be a piece of cake…

“Brooklyn, when I said you looked like someone who needed a date, what I meant was you needed to get laid. I was just trying to be polite.”

Austin Hastings never planned on getting married – to a man or a woman. Scarred by his parents’ impressively bad example, he planned on traveling the world, not winding up trapped in a relationship in some podunk town. But the longer Austin spends in his mind-numbing corporate job, the more monotonous his life becomes. Marrying a gay guy might seem a little strange, but there’s one thing it’s definitely not: Boring.

“God, is it always this amazing? With a guy? Tell me everything is as good as tonight.”
“Oh honey, you have no idea.”

There’s only one problem – the more Austin gets to know Brooklyn, the more attractive the guy gets. Normally, he’d be all for a little harmless exploration. But is it still harmless when the guy you’re exploring is your husband? Things get even more complicated when pictures of them in bed together accidentally go viral online. They’re supposed to stay married for a year – will they even make it a month? Or will their marriage of convenience turn into something entirely new?

Something New is an 85,000 word m/m romance with a marriage of convenience, a gay-for-you storyline, and a bunch of steamy scenes that you probably shouldn’t read in public if you blush easily. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.

Something New is a loose sequel to my other novel, Runaway Heart. Each book centers on different characters and they can be enjoyed independently, but – just like a certain gruff but sexy biologist and incurably cute management consultant, they’re so much better together!

I know some people have problems with gay for you/out for you or stories where the couple is “set” because of several reason. I can’t help myself and say: I am fond of those stories. :3

This story is no exception. Harper Logan is a garant for a entertaining storyline with combining simple topics and mix it together with a fluid writing.

The whole set-up isn’t new or extraordenary but it works.

Brooklyn and Austin are a sweet, pleasant couple and the puns, the interaction and their shared time is funny and charming. :3 You instantly are a fan of the two guys – something you have in common with the community due to events later in the book. 😉

The tension is there, born out of a stupid idea to be married because to prove that a marriage is lasting longer than one year. Both guys have mutual feelings, but several, minor dramatic events let both doubt and create a chaos…

The sex scenes are hot, captivating and… wow, I really liked some parts very much. :3 You can’t say only “common” techniques were used and it’s… versatile. 🙂

Because I really was entertained and because we are set in a well-know universe with a few reappearances. I really like those small connections. 🙂 Therefore I give the book 4.5 out of 5 stars. 🙂


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