Review: A Holiday to Remember: A short story in The Breakfast Club series

A Holiday to Remember: A short story in The Breakfast Club series
A Holiday to Remember: A short story in The Breakfast Club series by Felice Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


With Lillie away at a sleepover, Marcus and Tyler finally have some much needed time alone together. Marcus can’t wait to get Tyler into bed. He has plans that involve getting and staying naked. But an innocent question from Lillie has Marcus wondering if he’s ready to take that next big step.

Felice Stevens is always a solid source of perfect balanced stories and this piece is no exception. I was so thrilled when I heard about a short story with Marcus, Tyler and the sweet, adorable and saccarine sweet Lillie, our Lillie-bug. ❤

This story maybe hasn’t this much action because it’s a short story but it is full of charming character you love and I couldn’t stop smiling. Lillie is a really charming girl, getting more and more independet, it’s sweet to see how she and Marcus get along and what she wishes for the relationship.

The short story would be a bit boring without tension so there is a bit of it… but the way how it is displayed and what it means of the character is real and honest. You can totally understand Marcus’ struggles, his hesitation and also Tyler’s worries are unterstandable…

As always: 5 out of 5 stars. I am sooooo in love. *^* I LOVE the couples of the Breakfast Club series and I adore this book.

Note: This book is free on amazon, so no worries in grabbing this great short story. You should know the story to understand the actions though. 🙂


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