[Blog feature] Author Spotlight+Interview: Liz Jacobs

Good morning my lovely readers,

I am super thrilled to have Liz Jacobs here on my blog today. She agreed to a small spotlight and interview and I am sooo excited.
Read further to see her amazing answers about her Abroad duology (beware it’s a pretty long interview. ;)).
Also check this post for my review of book one. The review of book two is coming later this day. 🙂
Stay tuned. 🙂

The Abroad duology is about Nick an Dex, who become a pairing, but who also have a large group of amazing friends. The book is full of revealings, of starting to understand new aspects depending the own sexuality and what it means to be together with someone. It also shows the struggles of living abroad, far away from home  – being a stranger in a foreign country – and what it means to becoming an adult.
This two-book series shouldn’t be missing in your collection, with its amazing queer representation and the honest feelings on display.

Happy reading. 🙂

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