Review Tour: Eagle in the Hawthorn by Sam Burns + short review: In Any Light

My lovely readers, I am thrilled to present you my review  of Sam Burn’s seventh book in the Rowan Harbor Cycle series, Eagle in the Hawthorn.
With this book the third and last trilogy of three in total starts, so prepare to read two more books in the whole series (for those who got lost :D).

This post also includes the short story In Any Light, Isla (and Cassidy’s story). You don’t have to read their (love)story to follow the events of the 7th book, Eagle in the Hawthorn, but I recommend it dearly if you love a quick and very nice FF story. 🙂

If this all picked your interest read further what the books are about.

But enough of the rambling, happy reading. 🙂
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