[Blog Feature] Best Books 2017

Hello my lovely readers,

the year is almost over and of course I went through my read list on GR & my reviews here and pondered what my Best Books 2017 were from all those I’ve read within the year. ❤

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Cover Reveal: Dirty Mind by Roe Horvat

My dear readers, I announced it last week and finally it’s the day:
let us celebrate the cover reveal of Roe Horvat’s Dirty Mind. :3 

I’m happy and honoured to be picked up by Roe. 😉

But enough rambling, I’m happy to have Roe here with me. Listen what they say about the cover. :3 Also check this post out not only for the cover but also an excerpt. 😉 After that you want the book immediately. 😉

Later there will be also the review of the book on my blog, so: stay tuned. :3 dirty_mind_cover_reveal_teaser

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