#RomBkLove: Retellings

When I was asked to partcipate in the #RomBkLove event on Twitter I was over the moon. :3 Last year I was in awe seeing all the amazing recommendations, the great topics and never did I imagine to be part of it.

Selecting a topic which was close to my heart was a bit difficult because as mostly as it is: you have so many to chose from!

But when I thought about it, one topic seemed to come up again and again: Retellings.

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[Blog Feature] Exclusive Bonus Scene: Jilted by Lilah Suzanne

Hello and good morning my lovely readers,
it’s Friday and what’s better than starting the upcoming weekend with an amazing post? 🙂

I have author Lilah Suzanne on my blog, sharing an exclusive bonus scene of their latest release Jilted, which was released yesterday.

You ever wanted to know what happend when Carter and Link visited drunken the fortune teller on their first night they’ve met? 😀
Read further for this adorable and funny scene. I can only say: the stars don’t lie, right? 😉

Happy reading! ❤

Also stay tuned and visit my Instragram account, because I’m part of the Jilted Instagram Tour with other fantastic bookstagrammers. A review of the book will also follow later. 🙂

Jilted Graphic 1

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[Blog Feature] Interview: A Tiny Piece of Something Greater by Jude Sierra (w/ excerpt)

Lovely readers, good afternoon or evening (depending where you are, reading this)!
I’m so excited I could burst! ❤ Why? Well…
Today I have the amazing and super talented Jude Sierra as a guest here todayon my blog. She agreed for an interview and I can’t wait to share her answers with you. :3

We’re celebrating the 6 month release of A Tiny Piece of Something Greater with having a great visual tour I’m part of with lots of other amazing hosts.
See the graphic below who else is participating and be sure to stop by to read amazing posts! 🙂

I have also  – for those who haven’t read the book yet (honestly, you should change this asap! 😉 a nice excerpt  – super romantic I dare to say 😉

Check all this out! Happy reading! ❤


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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Concerto in Chroma Major by Naomi Tajedler

I’m equally thrilled as honored to be the exclusive host for the cover reveal of Naomi Tajedler’s first full novel,  Concerto in Chroma Major, out July 12th.

As you can already guess from the title it has music as its major topic (;)), but so much more…
If you love F/F (wlw) romance, art, music, a book with a MC who is having the gifts of synesthesia, a story with good food, a round trip through Paris and want cultural representation, grab this book. :3

This is the author’s full novel debut, you may know her from the Duet (imprint of Interlude Press) anthology Summer Love which includes her story called What the Heart wants.

I have a small teaser picture snippet of the cover for your first look. Scroll down for the magnific full cover and the adorable blurb, as well as additional information. :3 ❤


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[Blog Feature] Guest Post + Review: Snowsisters by Tom Wilinsky & Jen Sternick

Hello my lovely followers,

today I am excited to have Tom Wilinsky & Jen Sternick, authors of Snowsisters, here on my blog.
Snowsisters, out today, February 15th, is their debut work and is a YA about two girls who not only learn to increase their writing skills in a special writing camp for young women, they also find love, frienship and how to deal with problems in different shapes and types.

Tom & Jen talk in their guest post about one of the most controverse topics in the book: the treatment of a transgender (side)character and the constantly misgendering by another.
For more content warnings in general about the book see this link.

Next to the guest post there is my review so scroll down & read further. 🙂
Also be sure to visit the authors’ website to enter a giveaway where you can win a copy + $25 Interlude Press Gift Card.  🙂 Good luck.

Happy reading and I hope you see the guest post as informative as I did. 🙂
It gave me a better insight of this problematic subtopic – which was honestly not easy to endure while reading –  and I was happy to have these additional informations. 🙂


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[Blog feature] Author Spotlight+Interview: Meg Harding

Good afternoon my lovely readers,

I kept it a small secret but today I’m thrilled to announce that I have Meg Harding on my blog today.  She was so kind & agreed on a small author spotlight with an interview. Read further for her answers. 🙂

A few days ago was the amazing release day of Meg Harding’s first book in her new series, Shape of You, called Contour.
It’s the start of a promising series about a genderfluid YouTube make-up artist and an Instragram model.
Does it sounds hot? Well, it is. :3

Check out this link for my review with a giveaway. 🙂 Also see my release blitz post. Don’t miss all this.

Happy reading. 🙂CONTOUR

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Blog Tour + Review: All or Nothing by Felice Stevens

My dear follower,  today’s the day where I want to share my review of Felice Steven’s latest book All or Nothing.
You got my release blitz post yesterday & I already shared my cover reveal post with you.

This post comes with a review & have also a small excerpt, so don’t miss that. :3 Happy reading. :3


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Release Blitz: All or Nothing by Felice Stevens

My dear follower, today’s the release blitz of Felice Steven’s latest book All or Nothing.
I already shared my cover reveal post with you. My review is scheduled for tomorrow, so stay tuned. 🙂 The review will have also a small excerpt, so don’t miss that. :3


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Cover Reveal: All or Nothing by Felice Stevens

I am soo excited to be part of the cover reveal of Felice Steven’s upcoming book All or Nothing.
The books is out October 3rd, so mark this date in your calendar. :3 I’ve also participate in the release day blitz and blog tour for the book. So, stay tuned for my review. 🙂

But enough rambling, see below the awesome cover. *^*

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[News] Upcoming next #2

Hello my lovely readers,

last time it was a good idea to have an overview post so I try to repeat those frequently. 🙂 It won’t be updated weekly but I guess once in a month, there will be a new post. 🙂

Here’s the list of the upcoming next events and reviews/release blitzes. :3

ICYMI the last “Upcoming Next” post can be read here.

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Cover Reveal: Dirty Mind by Roe Horvat

My dear readers, I announced it last week and finally it’s the day:
let us celebrate the cover reveal of Roe Horvat’s Dirty Mind. :3 

I’m happy and honoured to be picked up by Roe. 😉

But enough rambling, I’m happy to have Roe here with me. Listen what they say about the cover. :3 Also check this post out not only for the cover but also an excerpt. 😉 After that you want the book immediately. 😉

Later there will be also the review of the book on my blog, so: stay tuned. :3 dirty_mind_cover_reveal_teaser

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