Review: The Black Rock Murder by Mona Marple

The Black Rock Murder (Waterfell Tweed Cozy Mystery Series Book 6)The Black Rock Murder by Mona Marple
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

A Storm Is Coming…

As Waterfell Tweed is hit by an awful storm, the consequences will be severe for one family.

With a man dead, an unfamiliar face back in the village, an irate farmer to deal with, and a widow who refuses to believe her husband fell from Black Rock, it’s down to Sandy to investigate.

Did the dead man fall?

Or was he pushed?

Buy The Black Rock Murder and grab your favourite cup of tea for a tale full of fun and suspense today!

When I read that Mona Marple is releasing a new book I’m always delighted since I know I always get a solid crime scene with a charming main character. 🙂

Sandy is again in duty of investigating a crime case which seems to be an accident first but soon it’s pretty clear it’s not.

The crime case isn’t the only interesting thing happening in the book and I really love how we see a different side from Sandy when a former good friend and actually first love of her best friend is visiting the town. Full of anger about the way how the guy has left her best friend, it’s soon clear there is a lot more what Sandy is complaining about.  I enjoyed how snarky she was – pretty uncharacteristic but oh so refreshing –  and how her own feelings are palpable within the book, how much it reveals about her and her character. :3

The character development is therefore great and I also loved we have a nice flow in the romance plot between Sandy and Tom, and how they grow as a couple and what (small) obstacles they’ve to overcome to have their improved HEA. 🙂

The crime case is also pretty focussed on a tragic based on deep feelings, and the solution of the case is maybe satifying  since the case is closed but sad altogether. Mona Marple catches the reader’s attention, with creating thrilling cases but spikes them with deep emotions, and, because we are humans, these emotions can run from very deep and affectionate to very sinister and evil.
Mona Marple does a great job in delivering these widly and sometimes add a small twist and unexpected turn into the story.

I am really looking forward what’s going on in the next book, and the way the book ended let us impatiently waiting for the next book and the new changes for the characters. 🙂

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