Review: Bang! You’re Dead by Mona Marple

Bang! You're DeadBang! You’re Dead by Mona Marple
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*


One Shot Fired. One Hit Man Hired.

The sleepy village of Waterfell Tweed is rocked to its core by the murder of a local teacher.

The plot thickens when the police reveal that the murder was committed by a hired hit man, and Sandy Shaw is thrown into the case when an old acquaintance phones for her help from HMP Leyton Scrubs.

Sandy has solved her share of murders, but she is about to enter a strange underworld: where a man’s life has a price. And nothing is as it seems.

Can Sandy solve the case, or has she met her match?

Bang! You’re Dead is a novella of around 30,000 words. Light and cozy, the book features our female amateur sleuth, the village of Waterfell Tweed, and a whole host of quirky characters! Each book in this series can be read as a standalone (but is better enjoyed if read in order), and is free from swearing, sex, violence and cliffhangers.

I am a fan of the light, easy writing ob Mona Marple and her fierce, enjoyable heroine Sandy.
This time she is involved in a murder case right the moment when she is coming home from her vacation with her boyfriend Tom, where she already had to solve a crime case in Scottland.

Without any time to breath, her advise is needed and despite trying to keep away and don’t let her drag into the investigations, Sandy is soon following the plea.

The crime case had a surprising twist, we learned a few new characters, got a new side of the town.
I was really hooked by the book and had an entertaining read.

Sandy is growing more and more confident in her role as “wannabe” detective, and with great skills she manages to solve the case.

Of course the cozy mystery books like these can’t be written without a tiny bit of questionable behaviour when it comes to the characters but this is what makes these books so entertaining. Because let’s be honest: which person can easily go around and be a detective, questioning people and make their investigations? 😀

I really enjoyed that this time Sandy was solving this case without the “help” of DC Sullivan, that she was using her skills and had to be brave in visiting a prison to interview the person who was accused of being the murder and who she was trying to find proof against it. The feeling while Sandy was visiting the prisoner was very palpable and I could totally imagine how it must feels like.

The book was also spiked with the new developed and deepening relationship between Tom and Sandy and more than once did I laugh out loud because of their sweet banter or Tom’s horrified reactions. 😀

5 out of 5 stars for it.

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