Blog Tour + Review: Fox and Birch by Sam Burns (w/ giveaway)

My lovely readers,  I am happy to share my review of  Sam Burn’s third book in the Rowan Harbor Cycle series, Fox and Birch.
With this book the first trilogy of three in total are complete, so prepare to read six more books in the whole series (for those who got lost :D).
The release day post with an excerpt can be read here.
Don’t miss the giveaway at the end of the post. Good luck.

But enough of the rambling, happy reading. 🙂

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[News] Update regarding author Santino Hassell & (further) reviews on my blog (update 3/13/18)

In regards to the latest updates about the author Santino Hassell I decided to take all of my reviews of their single written books down from my blog and won’t review further books in future.

As most people in the community have probably heard about the author Santino Hassell (hereafter used pronouns are “they/their”) is no longer represented by their agent, their publisher Riptide Publishing and Dreamspinner Press terminated all contracts and further releases are canceled (and refunds of pre-ordered titles will be made), the books aren’t available at any retailers anymore or will be in short.

Same goes for the co-authored projects with author Piper Vaughn (Bishop’s Move) and Santino Hassell’s story in the upcoming anthology Exposed is deleted from it.

So far, co-author Megan Erickson didn’t say any particular about future of the Cyber Love Series, it can highly be expected there won’t be further books (a “second season” was planned).
Another publisher’s statement, from Berkley (Penguin/ Randomhouse), is still awaited.

[Edit 3/12/18]: Megan Erickson also posted her statement on her website and the already published books in the Cyber Love series will be removed as well. The link to the statement is added to the list below. It goes without saying I will remove the reviews to this series as well.

[Edit 3/13/18] Berkley (Penguin / Randomhouse) also announced on Twitter they terminated the contracts with the author.

Links to the official statements which were made:

Riptide Publishing (on their website)
Dreamspinner Press (on Twitter)
Piper Vaughn about Bishop’s Move (on Twitter & Facebook)
Tamsen Parker about the Exposed anthology (one of the authors, the general statement is the same for all other individual authors; on Facebook & Twitter)
Megan Erickson about the Cyber Love series (on her website)
Berkley (Penguin/ Randomhouse) (on Twitter)

The Santino Hassell’s own statement & their Patreon account with posts about it (access only available if you are a $5 member).
[Edit 3/12/18]: They set it now up to $100 (!!) supporters. This is truly shady…
If you wish to report the Patreon account for violating the use of terms, there is a helpful Twitter thread here.

As an active and avid blogger in the LGBTQIAP+ community I decided to take all of their reviews from my blog and my Goodreads reviews will be edited with a link to this statement.
I still keep the reviews of the co-written books in the Cyber Love series with Megan Erickson on my site as well as posts where I listed, recommended or gushed about the books in the past.

There won’t be any reviews of any upcoming books by the author if they ever publish again.

If you have questions please see my contact information and hit me with a message or comment on this post.

A few personal words below:

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