Release Blitz + Review: To Seek and To Find by Tamryn Eradani (w/ excerpt + giveaway)

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today’s the release day of Tamryn Eradani’s To Seek and To Find, the first book in her kinky BDSM-series Enchanting Encounters.

Check this post out for the review, an excerpt and a giveaway. 🙂 Don’t miss all this.

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To Seek and to FindTo Seek and to Find by Tamryn Eradani
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

To Seek and To Find is the first book in the Enchanting Encounters series and also my first book by the author. The blurb intrigued me and I wasn’t disappointed.

I liked the fact that we saw all things through Kyle’s eyes, the first person narration, also in present tense let us explore the thing with him together – an experience quite hot tbh sometimes but also intriguing.  It also gave us as a reader the perfect insight of his daily life, of his chatty, bratty attitude – which I liked a lot –  and how he experiences his life as a sub in a BDSM club searching for “his” Dom.

Kyle is trying to catch Aiden’s attention the moment he met him in the club. What I like about this was not only the way how Kyle tries to catch his attention – in attending to special demonstration scenes in the club with different doms, male and female – but also that we got into the story in medias res. We were there right from the start, there wasn’t unnecessary pre-rambling, but we got enough information to see the characters develop from page one on and how the different cast is interacting with each other, how they relationships are. It gave me the necessary intro and insight of the different dynamics.

Some might be irritated by the on page M/F scenes and that Kyle is bisexual and openly having scenes not only with male but also female Doms. As much as I understand that people aren’t super fond of the lenght or explicity of the scenes, it never was mentioned in the blurb that Kyle isn’t bisexual (the publisher’s website actually mentions it) or that he is switching his partners when it comes to his doms. For me the scenes were perfect and I loved them dearly. They are graphic, yes, they are explicit but the commitment, the agreement on both sides is what I cherish and value. We also get Kyle’s preferences and through the scenes we got what he is searching for.
I’d say even if you normally don’t read M/F: give it a try, because the book and the scenes, may it Kyle with Renee or Robert or later Aiden are full of emotions, in different ways but all so hot and intriguing and fascinating. I also recommend this book with these scenes for non M/M readers who love BDSM stories in general and wanna try something new, because it’s exactly what I’d pick up if I’d wanna get the “best” of both. 😉 As I said the commitment and the respect in the other’s limits is so capturing.

Within the book we explore the events through and with Kyle. I loved the community, the acceptance and the good natured jokes they make, the friendly mocking. It’s like a big family, a community, where the different members share the same tastes, know about limits, no-gos and preferences.

When Kyle and Aiden explore their time together, get to know each other better, the book shifts a bit, but not to a negative aspect, oh no. In fact I loved how different Kyle is with Aiden without totally losing his character. But he is seeing Aiden differently, he starts to like him for him, want to share more with him than just scenes and this tentative, gentle, actually vulnerable side of Kyle is charming and fascinating.

I really loved that with Aiden we had a non-alpha-like dom, someone who’s not running like a mindless caveman. He is a history professor, knows how to interact with a lot of people and how to present himself properly. He has a certain dicipline and the way he acts in the scenes, how he dominates Kyle is hot and well-displayed as well as balanced. There is strength behind his actions, his words and orders but he never forces Kyle to anything. His caring nature is clear right from the start, and the scenes are way to let loose but still to remain control, never to overwhelm.
Both agree to a two-weeks trial and I loved how this developed and the end made it very promising what we can expect. For now I’d call the end a HFN – because there’s so much potential – and I’m really looking forward what we see in book two, I hope for more about the two, of course but would love to read about other pairings too. 🙂 I have to wait and see.

I can totally recommend this book and enjoyed it dearly, it was in all departments well developed, showed commitment and agreement in the right places, was full of hot, thrilling scenes but had also the gentle touch. The cover – I’ve to stress it out at this place – is the perfect conclusion of it: rough, but gentle, strength against (commited) surrender and submisson. 5 out of 5 stars for it. It won’t be definitely the last book I pick up by the author. 🙂

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ToSeekandToFind-f500Release Blitz / Review
Title: To Seek and To Find
Series: Enchanting Encounters # 1
Author: Tamryn Eradani
Genre: M/M Romance, bisexual, BDSM, M/F (in some scenes)
Release Date: January 22, 2018
Publisher: Nine Star Press
Cover Design: Natasha Snow
Lenght: 56.900 words


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“Project: Notice Me” is a win-win for Kyle. He’ll do a series of demonstrations at the club and have a good time with people he knows and the fledgling Doms who are new to the scene and looking for encouragement from an experienced Sub. And maybe along the way, he’ll attract the attention of the new Dom at the club, the one with terrible taste in fashion, but who has the most intense focus Kyle has ever seen. He wants the entirety of the man’s attention on him. The clothes are optional.

To Seek and To Find Graphic


Chapter One

“So,” Kyle says. He slinks into Jenny’s office, glad he wore his stretchy jeans when he pulls a chair out from the table and turns it around so he can straddle it. Even with the give in his jeans, they still pull tight across his quads.

Jenny doesn’t glance up from her computer.

“Remember that time I introduced you and Charlotte?” Kyle asks, undeterred by her obvious disinterest in him. He and Jenny have been best friends for what seems like forever, and they both work from their apartments—Jenny does photography, Kyle does graphic design—and if she didn’t want to be bothered, then she would’ve closed her office door.

As it is, she’d left it wide open, and Kyle is happy to take advantage.

At the mention of Charlotte’s name, Jenny looks up, a smile on her face. They’ve been together for five years, but her expression always softens whenever Charlotte’s mentioned as though they’ve only been dating for a few weeks. Kyle thinks it’s sickeningly cute. He hopes one day someone will look like that when his name is brought up.

Jenny registers the rest of what Kyle’s said and her smile is replaced with something more guarded, suspicious. “Last time you opened with that, we almost wound up in jail.”

“Exaggeration,” Kyle says.

“The time before that you made me go bungee jumping with you.”

“That was awesome.” There’s nothing like the rush of adrenaline as he plummeted toward the earth. Then, right when he thought his harness was going to fail and he would splat, it caught him with a jerk of reassurance. Kyle had loved it. Jenny…not so much.

“I’m afraid of heights.”

“Which meant you were incredibly brave on top of being a good friend.” Kyle needs to get to the point. He’s on a break from his work because all shades of red now look the same to him, but he has a project to finish before the day is over. “This is a favor that’ll benefit us both.”

Jenny continues to look skeptical.

“I want you tie me up,” he says.

Kyle and Jenny have been roommates, have worked together, and have scened together throughout their long and storied friendship. They’ve never slept together, because Kyle’s bisexual, and while Jenny enjoys men on an aesthetic basis, she prefers sex with women.

They frequent the same club, Enchanting Encounters. Jenny does rope demos and occasionally ties up a close friend, but she isn’t as involved with the casual scene as Kyle. She’s been pulling away since she met Charlotte, going mostly to keep Kyle company or catch up with their friends there.

Kyle, on the other hand, is still searching for someone who wants him for more than a couple of sessions a month. He wants a Dom who wants him back and so far, he hasn’t had any luck. He’s hoping his luck is about to change.

Jenny abandons even the pretense of working. “Is this about the new guy?”

He grins. “Who else?”

Kyle spends a lot of time at Enchanting Encounters. Working from home means he’s able to set his own schedule, which allows him to sleep in after a night of play or take an early afternoon if that’s what works better with his partner’s schedule.

Sometimes, he’ll go to the club to have a drink or chat with his friends, but more often he’s there with the intent to pick-up or because he’s part of a demo.

Last week, things got interesting, because there was a new guy.

The BDSM world is a small one, and Kyle has known most of the people at Enchanting Encounters for years now. Someone will bring a friend sometimes or someone will move into the area or move away, but it doesn’t happen often, which means it’s always exciting when there’s a new face.

Unfortunately, it also means there’s a lot of competition for the man’s attention, and Kyle needs a battle plan.

The first time Kyle saw New Guy it was a normal Friday night and he had a drink in hand as he did a sweep of the bar to see if anyone caught his eye. He hadn’t come in with a particular scene in mind. Some nights, that made it easier to find a partner while other nights it made it more difficult.

That Friday had been a difficult night. Since he wasn’t sure what he wanted, no one popped out at him. If he wanted a good spanking, then Renee was his go-to, but he wasn’t feeling it. Same with a bit of bondage and a pegging, which is what Alexa would give him. Dylan was strutting around in his full leather gear, but Kyle wasn’t in the mood to have to work and Dylan always makes him work.

The only person who drew his interest was TJ, Kyle’s favorite bartender, and while TJ flirts with anyone who seems receptive, he doesn’t have sex with club members. It’s a shame, but Kyle can respect his choice.

Kyle was considering a second drink when his eyes landed on someone at the far end of the bar. New Guy was, well, new, which immediately made him interesting. What kept his attention was the expression on the guy’s face as he talked with Lou.

The guy was completely captivated even though Kyle knows from personal experience that Lou isn’t the most interesting person to talk to. Lou’s gorgeous, especially when he has red welts against his almost inhumanly pale skin, but he’s not the most thrilling conversationalist.

Still, New Guy leaned in like nothing in the world could pull him away.

Part of the reason Kyle scenes is he loves having the full attention of another person on him. If New Guy can be that intense during a conversation, then Kyle wants to find out what he’s like in a scene.

He didn’t look away from Lou once, didn’t give Kyle a chance to catch his eye, and Kyle eventually had to move on. He didn’t go home with anyone Friday night. A couple of people approached him, but he turned them down. New Guy was the only person on his mind, and it wouldn’t be fair to anyone he scened with.

Anyway, Kyle didn’t have a chance to talk to New Guy on Friday night, but he’s determined to change that. The guy is attractive and he has the kind of focus Kyle craves.

“You’re not the only one asking about him,” Jenny says.

Kyle shrugs. “He’ll want me once he sees me.”

“Modest. So, what’s your big plan, do a bunch of demos until he wanders over to see one?”

That’s exactly his plan.

Jenny groans. “Are you serious?”

“It’s a good plan! I’m hot, I’m an incredible sub. And while I’m waiting for him to notice me, I’ll be doing scenes I like. Plus, Wanda’s been after me to do some more demos. I’m good for business.” Kyle doesn’t bother holding back his smirk.

Jenny reaches across her table to shove his face away. “You’re terrible.”

“But you’re going to help me.”

Jenny sighs. “Because you got me and Charlotte together? That won’t work as leverage forever.”

“You’re going to help me because you just got a new order of rope in, and you know I look gorgeous in lavender.”

“Ugh. Fine. I’ll do a demo with you. But you’ll let me tie you up for a photoshoot. Unpaid.”

Kyle doesn’t bother to hold back his grin as he says, “Deal.”

“I’ll hang you upside down,” Jenny threatens.

It’s an idle threat. She likes to suspend him, but usually not upside down.

“You’re the best,” Kyle tells her. He stands up, smacks a kiss to her cheek, and leaves to finish the rest of his project. He needs to be on top of his work this week or he won’t have the time to hang around the club and put Project: Notice Me into effect.

Author bio  – Tamryn Eradani

Tamryn studied English and Creative Writing in school but has been writing since she could first hold a pencil. Recently, she’s turned her focus towards writing erotica. She enjoys writing stories where sex comes first, then feelings, because doing things out of order can be fun.

Tamryn has spent the past few months writing the Daniel and Ryan series with a lovely view of mountains out her window, and she’s now searching for a new mountain range to serve as her backdrop as she begins her next project.

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