Review: Off Pitch by Brienna Kienitz

Off Pitch (Pitch Prodigies Book 1)Off Pitch by Brianna Kienitz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Soccer star Adeline Fahey has never taken an interest in the world outside of the pitch. The daughter of wealthy Irish immigrants, and a straight-A student, she sees nothing but the goal—finish her last two years of school and join a professional soccer team—no ifs, ands, or buts.

Then Gabriella Soto, a cello prodigy in her own right and the teaching assistant in Adeline’s dreaded Beginning Spanish class, walks onto her playing field.

After a drunken night in a T-rex costume boots their hearts onto a collision course, Adeline and Gabriella must tackle a field of school scandal, homophobic parents, and their own passionate career goals to have a shot at something more. In the face of so many obstacles, Adeline and Gabriella fear that their love may not be strong enough to score them the championship relationship they never knew they wanted.

This was a book I enjoyed pretty much because it was a nice and solid debut work.

From the first to the last page it was full of of emotions, but also funny scenes  – I just say drunken T-Rex  😀 – but also hot ones.The chemistry between Adeline and Gabriella was on point, was there from the start and I can’t blame Adeline for falling in love with Gabriella instantly, she is really smoking hot. ❤

The book had, as much as I liked it, a little bit too much drama, which was why I had to reduce one star. I am also not really sure what I should think about the slow burn. On one hand I loved it, because it gave the character the needed depth and a possibility to develop and shine but on the other hand it was… making the book a bit long and maybe for some reader exhausting. I liked it but I wonder if a bit more “drive” would have been better. But when both were finally get together, it was hot. Damn, it really was. ❤

When you look at the book length you are maybe wonder if there are a lot of events and I can tell: there are. Of course a lot of the scenes gave the book as well as the character their depth, they were displayed in different aspects but partly I was wondering if it would have been maybe better to be a topic in another book since it is the start of a series.

The soccer topic was nice displayed. I loved the drive, the way how the scenes were described, Adeline and her teammates were fiercefully running over the field. It had action, it has tension and suspense. But also the bond of the team in those kind of books was displayed and I loved it. The other girls are charming and I can’t wait to read some of their stories. 😉

But also Gabriella’s music career was so dynamically told & shown for the reader. I was – like Adeline – mesmerized by the scenes where Gabriella was playing the cello. But I am pretty fond of music topics in books, so no wonder, I liked this pretty much.

The cultural diversity with especially Gabriella being the “Spanish beauty” in the book but also with Adeline having Irish roots was also well balanced in the book. For me the character were pretty authentic. Not only because of their descriptions but also because of their actions. I was more into Adeline than Gabriella sometimes but both were a blast. I really liked them both. ❤

For this debut work and the love story with sexy, smoking scenes and a lot of emotions, I give 4 out of 5 stars. 🙂

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