Review: Spotlight by Robert Innes

Spotlight (A Blake Harte Mystery, #5)Spotlight by Robert Innes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Life is stressful for Detective Sergeant Blake Harte. Not only must he come to terms with his difficult new Inspector at the station, but then his parents suddenly turn up on his doorstep – and his mother does not approve of his new boyfriend, and his relationship with Harrison soon begins to suffer.

Meanwhile, Harmschapel police station is in pursuit of two drug dealers. These two men have proven difficult to apprehend before, but then the case takes a sudden and inexplicable turn. One night, during a high speed car chase, the two suspects completely vanish into thin air, before Blake’s eyes.

While trying to fathom how it is possible for a car to seemingly evaporate in the middle of a tunnel, one of the suspects turns up dead, in equally bizarre circumstances. Blake is soon faced with more questions than answers, and the killer may be about to strike a lot closer to home…

When I pick a book written by Robert Innes I can be sure I am blown away. His crimes cases are nothing but full of suspense, thrill and unbelivable twists which make you speechless at first.

This book is dealing with a new crime case but the side story is revealing character development & continues events from the first book. I recommend to read the other books before otherwise a lot of details are probably are missing or you don’t enjoy it the way I did.

As I said, Robert Innes is a master in creating cases which appear unbelievable, not able to solve at all but with Blake there is a character who really has skills.

This time he is threaten by a new colleague and a new chef. I admit I had to much rage while reading. Robert Innes really was capable of creating character you really don’t like, which gives the story the spice and I loved it.

From the first to the last page I hold my breath. Really rare I could calm down and take a deep breath because the actions are going on and on, event after event, spiked with new revealings, new twists, new details.

But not only work related had the book thrilling elements, which influenced Barker’s and Harrison’s happy time together as a couple. We meet Barker’s parents and lets say: it isn’t a super pleasant visit.

The books is captivating and I really was sad it ends because I couldn’t stop reading. 5 out of 5 stars. Robert Innes should be on your list if you love crime cases and investigation stories, combined with a main character who is in a relationship with a charming guy.

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