Review: Cover Up by L.A. Witt

Cover Up (Skin Deep Inc., #3)Cover Up by L.A. Witt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

After ten years of blissful marriage, Navy Pilot Nate Chandler is divorcing his cheating husband. Single for the first time in years, Nate is numb to all emotion and kisses any chance of another relationship goodbye.

Not only is Nate struggling to get through this divorce, but his body is branded with a permanent reminder of his failed marriage: a matching tattoo with his ex. Searching for a place to cover up his old tattoo, Nate finds himself at the Skin Deep, Inc., where he meets the young and charming cover-up tattoo apprentice, Lucas Brandt.

From just flirty glances to steamy hot encounters, Nate and Lucas dive headfirst into a fling of hookups. But worried that he’ll forever be Nate’s “cover up” rebound relationship, Lucas fears that their love won’t be anything more than just skin deep. What was once just a casual attraction, Lucas now hopes to turn into a real relationship. But will he be able to convince the still tender-hearted Nate to fall in love again?

Third installment of L.A. Witt’s Skin Deep romance series, COVER UP is a story of passion, pleasure, and happily ever after.

The last book in the Skin Deep Inc. series deals with Nate, Jon’s RIO, hero of Pounding Skin, and the new member in the tattooshop, Lucas.

At the end of Pounding Skin we got a small excerpt of the book and I can only say: I was thirsty to read this book. ❤

Lucas and Nate are right from the start attracted to each other, the sexual tension is there, prominent and both guys can’t keep their hands from each other. Literally. Groping, touching, sucking, liking, kissing… you name it. ❤

The book is full of hot sex, and it seems no surface is save from them. 😀
Between all the sex the problem with Nate’s divorce is dealt with but it takes a long time until Nate is really over his shattered past.

I really loved how mature Lucas was displayed, although he is described as a beautiful man with the bluest eyes and kissable lips, showing a youngish face, so people mistake him being younger. Lucas isn’t shy of what he wants and it’s clear he dealt with a lot of things in the past, emotionally but in the sensual corner too ;). It was pretty refreshing and I really liked it. I was also pretty astonished at the events at the end and it gave the book its thrill.

Nate is older than Lucas but sometimes it feels more reversed, but it’s not necessary something bad. Some parts in the book Nate is calm, the mature one, other parts he loses his confidence. It’s clear he hasn’t coped the broken relationship with his ex-husband and his insta-lust between him and Lucas is a welcome distraction. This was a good development in the book, L.A. Witt knows how to make her characters vulnerable. They become human in those scenes and we have a lot of internal and external struggle.

The reappearing characters are well known from Back Piece and Pounding Skin. It’s sweet to see them, see the established couples and the way all those different guys have such a great friendship. :3 And the scenes with Colin and Daniel are so sweet. :3

Another aspect I really liked about the book were the explanations of military related terms, the way how things work and what Nate’s tasks are. Also Lucas’s experience as a tattooist is shown and he explaines his work field. This insight is pretty cool and it gives the book substance.

The book has its ups and downs, the reader’s attention is constantly picked and it has thrilling parts. 5 out of 5 stars for this. :3 I asume there won’t be any other books in the series but I would never say never. 🙂 Would be nice to see the guys again, whereever it may it be. 🙂

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