Release Day Blitz + Review: The Love Song of Sawyer Bell by Avon Gale

I am thrilled to share my joy about the new release by Avon Gale. The Love Song of Sawyer Bell is Avon’s sexy F/F story, which is full of hot scenes, cool music (the the talking about) & an amazing bi representation & talk about sexuality in general. ❤

My post contains an excerpt, a giveaway and my review. Stay tuned and be sure to visit my blog on September 28 where I have a cool interview with Avon Gale. :3 You won’t to miss those answers. 🙂

Happy reading. :3

The Love Song of Sawyer Bell (Tour Dates #1)The Love Song of Sawyer Bell by Avon Gale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Reading F/F stories are – although I really love them – still a novelty for me (mostly because there are so less I find appealing) so I was really happy, actually thrilled when I got the news that the super talented Avon Gale is writing a story about two women falling in love. And on top on that she set it in a music setting. My interest was picked and I was counting down the days until I was able to get an (early) copy of this book. :3

Avon did an astonishing job and her character feel so real. In fact they feel so genuine you would think: this could be a person I know from any place, someone I would love to see (live) on a stage, someone I would love to be friends with. 🙂

Avon delivers a steady story with an amazing bi representation, with honest talk about sexuality (and she includes next to a bi heroine, gay, lesbian, straight and ace characters with the other band member & side character) & also about the fears and the ups and downs to be in a relationship with a band members. There are romantic elements and Sawyer and Vix are so sweet together though it never went to an overly mushy part. It is touching and sweet, still it has its edges, like the music Vix and her band is creating, like how Vix is, how her character is shown. I really liked it and it fits so well in the whole musician setting.

The music topic is so well displayed you really felt the music, have the feelig it is played while reading. The enthusiasm Avon has for the music genre and her love in creating those character is really palpable, it’s displayed in the way how she writes about her character, how they live and breath music. I really loved how the different types of music – with Saywer coming from a “classical” music education and Vix with doing the music she wants and loves – were combined and how Saywer really found her true music in touring with Vix and the other band members. The joy about making music, Sawyer with playing the violin and Vix as the front singer and playing the guitar, also being the lyricist, is ever present. The other band members are also perfectly included although they have pretty less stage time when it comes to their music part in comparison, but it fits to the story. 🙂 They interact with the girls and expecially Jeff is a great supporting character. I would wish to read more about him. But also the other musicians from the other bands where nice and if you look up the blurb for the next book, The Ballad of Whiskey Jax (Tour Dates #2) you see who’s the next hero. :3 Can’t wait to read his story. :3

As I said the sexuality is displayed in an open, and really amazing way, the talks about are great, the acceptance bedhing was something which I really loved. Without making a big fuss about the problems of being a bisexual woman Vix is clearly saying her mind and challenges everybody who has a problem with her orientation, she is clearly aware of the picture people have in mind but talks in a reasonable manner yet her sometimes snarky, dry humor shows off. She is also helpful when Sawyer is exploring her new sexuality, and she never appears condescendingly which wouldn’t also fit to her character to be honest. 🙂 Although she appears edgy, she isn’t mean and this shows off. She is such a lovely, adorable character.
The sparks are flying pretty early between Sawyer and Vix and you are really getting hot when you read how they mess around, first with kisses, later in explicit scenes. :3 Hot, sensual scenes, full of steam, yet so honest and authentic, it never feels forced. The humor both girls have is there and it’s a delight to be “part” of it. 😀 It also shows how well Avon manages to write those stories, deliver them in this way without making them boring. The scenes are sometimes kinky, hot and so fitting in the whole setting.

Towards the end there is a small drama, something you would have expect from the start but of course you get a happy end and so it’s thrilling, heart clenching and for a short time bittersweet but at the end your suffering was worth it. 🙂

I really recommend to read this book. Not only because it’s one of the rare F/F stories in the whole bunch of M/M stories (which I love, don’t get me wrong), which has a such a positive bi representation & display of sexuality, is set in a story about music and more specifically not only about the typical and often used (hard) rock music, it’s about a band who plays in the Americana/Folk/country style. This altogether is pretty unique, refreshing and totally worth a look at.
My wholeheartedly recommendation, 5 out of 5 stars, I wish I could give more. 🙂

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Title: The Long Song of Sawyer Bell
Author: Avon Gale
Series: Tour Dates # 1
Genre: F/F Romance, Contemporary, Musicians
Release Date: September 25, 2017
Cover Design: Natasha Snow
Lenght: 234 pages

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Victoria “Vix” Vincent has only two weeks to find a replacement fiddle player for her band’s summer tour. When classically trained violinist Sawyer Bell shows up for an audition, Vix is thrilled. Sawyer is talented, gorgeous, funny, and excited about playing indie rock instead of Beethoven. Their friendship soon blossoms into romance, even though Vix tries to remember that Sawyer’s presence is only temporary.

Sawyer’s parents think she’s spending the summer months touring Europe with a chamber ensemble. But Sawyer is in dire need of a break from the competitiveness of Juilliard, and desperately wants to rediscover her love of music. Going on tour with her secret high school crush is just an added bonus. Especially when Vix kisses her one night after a show, and they discover that the stage isn’t the only place they have chemistry.

But the tour won’t last forever, and as the summer winds down, Sawyer has to make a tough decision about her future—and what it means to follow her heart.

Quotes from Avon Gale about the book:

Writing Sawyer and Vix’s love story was such a joy – I loved writing two passionate, determined women coming together as friends and eventually lovers, set amongst my favorite musical genre and on the open road. It’s a road trip romance, a friends-to-lovers romance and a story about loving who you are, what you do, and the people who speak to your heart.

Excerpt (a bit naughty, be prepared ;))

It was one thing to sleep with Sawyer. It was another thing to, like, have a crush on her or something. Vix should not do that.
“I like them,” said Sawyer, leaning in closer. Her hair fell in a soft curtain that also, goddamn it, smelled delightful. She was tapping her fingers on her PBR tallboy along with the song. “He’s got a good voice. The singer.”
Vix nodded. “Yeah, he does.” She pushed her hair off her face and took a drink from her tallboy. They were playing in the basement of Blueberry Hill, and while it was nice and cool, Vix felt like she was going to be sweaty forever thanks to the summer heat and the van. She looked over, feeling Sawyer’s eyes on her. Sawyer gave her a small smile, intimate and a little shy. Vix had the strongest urge to lean over and kiss her, but she didn’t.
They both watched the stage, but Vix dropped a hand and laid it gently on Sawyer’s knee. She was wearing one of her cute, short summer dresses and the boots again. Her skin was warm beneath Vix’s fingers. Vix leaned in close. “So, you had fun, right?”
“Duh.” Sawyer looked like she did when she came off stage, eyes bright, skin flushed. “You too, right?”
“Right.” Vix’s stomach was fluttering with something that she might have thought were preshow nerves, if she ever got those. “Does that mean you’d want to do it again, or . . .?” Vix wasn’t sure why she let that trail off. What other response was there but “or no”?
Sawyer tipped her head down, hiding her face and sipping from her beer. But she dropped a hand and took Vix’s in her own, squeezing it. “Oh yeah,” she murmured, and then slid Vix’s hand up her thigh.
Vix blinked in surprise. “You’re naughty,” she whispered in delight. She glanced around to make sure they were mostly unnoticed, and let her fingers drift higher. “And you’re a tease.”
“Oh yeah?” Sawyer’s knees parted and her legs fell open. There was no way anyone could see beneath the table, not with the stage in the way. “Who’s teasing? I think it’s you.”
Vix inched her fingers up the smooth skin of Sawyer’s thigh, wondering if she should do what she was half an inch away from doing. Giving their surroundings one more quick survey, she went ahead and pressed her fingers against Sawyer’s cunt through her panties. The fabric was damp. She raised her eyebrows.
“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it a lot,” said Sawyer in a low voice. She was gripping her PBR tallboy in one hand, eyes very wide.
Vix had no idea if she could get Sawyer off there at the table, but what the hell.

Author bio  – Avon Gale

Avon Gale HeadshotAvon Gale was once the mayor on Foursquare of Jazzercise and Lollicup, which should tell you all you need to know about her as a person. She likes road trips, rock concerts, drinking Kentucky bourbon and yelling at hockey. She’s a displaced southerner living in a liberal midwestern college town, and she never gets tired of people and their stories—either real or the ones she makes up in her head.

Avon is represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan at Handspun Literary Agency.

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