Review: Final Stretch by Alison Hendricks

Final Stretch (Glen Springs Book 1)Final Stretch by Alison Hendricks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Superstar NFL running back Travis Morrison has been chasing down the same dream since he was a kid. The down-home, aw-shucks, former Eastshore favorite has always known his talents lay with football, and he’s never hoped for much more. But when the man he was going to marry leaks a sex tape of the two of them, Travis’ golden boy image—and his world—is turned upside down in an instant. Keeping a low profile at his brother’s place in Kentucky to save his career seems doable… if he can resist the temptation of his brother’s smart-mouthed best friend.

Shane McMillan was on the inside track to the Kentucky Derby when a devastating accident destroyed his career and his confidence. After five years, he finally feels like he’s managed to escape the limelight thanks to his best friend and the welcoming folks of Glen Springs. The peaceful life he’s built rehabbing horses on his small ranch is everything he needs, until temptation arrives in the form of a disarming smile and a hot, athletic body. His best friend’s brother is definitely trouble—but he’s the kind Shane just can’t seem to resist.

When a misunderstanding leads Travis to work at Shane’s ranch, the growing attraction between them starts to burn out of control. Long, hot days lead to even hotter nights when fantasies become reality. Just as their desire starts to turn into something deeper, a photo of them becomes hot news that threatens to shatter everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve. With Shane’s past exposed and Travis’ career in jeopardy it all comes down to the final stretch.

Final Stretch is the first book in the new Glen Springs series which centers around a small, close-knit town in Kentucky. It’s a full-length gay romance novel featuring a kind-hearted (but kinda naughty) football star, a gruff (but lovable) ex-jockey, a cast of well-meaning small town folks, and a little donkey who thinks he’s a guard dog. This book contains explicit scenes that make the most of the rustic surroundings (ahem), so reader discretion is advised!

This book has a quite different setting from the other books by Alison Hendricks but still connection to the well-known football topic. This time it’s mixed with a former jockey who’s career is over when he hurts himself and his racing horse in the progress.

The story is well written and solid, the story builds from insta-lust to a relationship between the character and finally settles in a love relationship. I liked the pacing and along the way there were misunderstandings in variety.

It has a slight angst topic, first with Travis’ scandal of being filmed while sex with his former boyfriend and later because of the attention it brings to the calm farm Shane is managing.

The tension rises from different topics and the reader’s anticipation is constantly picked and sometimes shaken.

I liked how sexy the erotic was displayed, Shane and Travis really get along in bed but also in between. The new relationship is based on friendship, although the final trust isn’t there (yet).

The way how Travis’ brother Jack is introduced and displayed in the book gives hope about a book for him, he is a charming minor character and the way how Travis and he rebuilding their strained relationship and finally can be brothers is sweet and adorable.

The books has here and there a few flaws, still a solid read, a good writing, the reader’s attention is constantly hold, therefore I give 4 out of 5 stars.

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