Release Blitz + Review: Full Disclosure by D.J. Jamison (w/ a giveaway)

I’m delighted to celebrate the release day of D.J. Jamison’s latest book, Full Disclosure. It’s the first book in the Real Estate Relations series.

Check this post out for the review, an excerpt and a giveaway. 🙂 Don’t miss your chance.

Happy reading. 🙂

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Full Disclosure (Real Estate Relations, #1)Full Disclosure by D.J. Jamison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

D.J. Jamison is an author I can trust and one I have on my auto-buy/review list. 🙂 The blurb of this story sounded pretty good, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

And it was so funny. Hell, a lot of D.J. Jamison’s books contain humor but this is the most funny I think. Camden, our hero isn’t blessed being on the bright side of life. His karma is in the gutter and he stumbles from one disaster to another. You really want to hug him tight and never let go.

Although Camden isn’t lucky, he tries everything and his efforts to work as a real estate agent are… quite fruitless until he meet Reid, the sexy house owner of a property Camden hopes he gets out of his dilemma and on his feet. But he hasn’t considered his traitorous heart…

The way how fast the tension between the two guys sparks is a part of the book which lead to small trouble. Reid is hiding behind a cover story and tells the story he is Lee’s boyfriend, a Vietnamese guy he hides from his former gang life because of his endangered situation. The cover blows up pretty soon and Reid has hard times to keep his hands off Camden.

I really liked how well balanced the suspence part of the story was combined with the flirtatious, sexy parts of the book. I was also pretty astonished about the way how Lee was presented and I have the heavy feeling we haven’t seen him the last time… There is a certain touch about him which let him be more and more civil and non-threatening.

As I said Camden isn’t blessed with good luck and therefore a lot of aweful things happening to him, and although they are pretty bad you have to laugh several times. It’s the way how D.J. Jamison presents it and you hope with every part of your body that Camden gets his luck.

The balance between the guys is well done, I liked how the author let them behave, the chemistry is there, the sex is on point and although not overly dominant pretty hot when it is happening. 🙂

The minor character have their good appearances, especially Miguel, Camden’s best friend is a solid pillar he can relies on.

A book with a lots of chemistry between the character, hot sex, thrill and suspense and several twists at the end. Unexpected but well delivered. 5 out of 5 stars for this. It’s a really good opening of the series and I can’t wait to read the second book. I have the feeling I know the pairing. 🙂

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Full Disclosure CoverRelease Blitz / Review
Title: Full Disclosure
Author: D.J. Jamison
Series: Real Estate Relations # 1
Genre: M/M Romance, Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Release Date: September 14, 2017
Publisher: Self-published
Cover Design: Sloan’s Designs Stop
Lenght: 73.906 words

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A new real estate agent gets more than he bargained with his first client ….

I’m desperate to make a fresh start as a real estate agent after leaving my alcoholic boyfriend of way too long. Getting a call to list a house while parading as a hot dog for a few bucks seems like my lucky break. Then things go sideways. My apartment is broken into and burglarized. Getting caught half-naked while squatting in my own listing is a low point. Seeing the sexy-voiced stranger who is now my client — and his gorgeous, cold boyfriend? — major bummer. But hey! I might sell a house … if we can ever get it in decent shape for the market and all the odd questions surfacing about my client don’t get in the way.

I’m a washed up US marshal turned bodyguard, and even that’s lost its appeal. A leave of absence to deal with a house I inherited from my great-uncle seems like a good opportunity to get my head straight. But then my boss pulls me aside and asks me to take on a witness in danger. We’d be off the grid, so to speak. The guy is a criminal, but he’s young and gay, so we set up a cover as a couple. Might seem risky in Kansas, but all the gossip about those gay guys will make a great smokescreen to our true secret: Lee is a target of the Dragon Boyz gang, and I have to keep him safe until trial. Of course, I wasn’t counting on the gorgeous blond, blue-eyed Realtor who makes me want something more in my life. When he starts asking questions, do I set him straight or risk losing him for good? And then there’s still those gang members to think about.

Story includes inappropriate attire, gunfights, flirting while in a fake relationship and male/male naughtiness.

full disclosure teaser



I shimmied my hips, which in turn shook my moneymaker.

Sadly, I wasn’t on the dance floor, swishing for attention. I was wiggling and jiggling to reach my phone, which was inconveniently positioned in the waistband of my briefs.

The phone rang — and vibrated — turning my shimmy into a spastic hop.

People stared. Though that might have been caused by the hot dog costume encasing me in a sweaty, straining mess rather than the bun action going on. (See what I did there? Bun action. Ha, ha. No, seriously. My life is a joke.)

The sidewalk baked under my feet, and the thick, humid heat of Kansas summer hung heavy in the air. A fan inside the costume kept me from heat stroke, but sweat still poured from my body. The phone slipped and slid against my skin, evading my grasp.

My shoulder twinged with pain, but I managed to pull the dang phone free.

“You’ve reached Camden Lewis,” I answered breathlessly.

With luck, I sounded at least a bit professional. I didn’t intend to be the hot dog in Dogs N Stuff’s marketing campaign a minute longer than necessary.

I had already launched my new venture, as a real estate agent, but business was a little slower getting off the ground than I’d hoped. And my safety net — i.e. my well-paid boyfriend, Austin — was no longer a viable option.

Thus, the humiliating, poorly paid work.

“You’re the real estate agent?”

“Yes!” I responded with a little too much excitement. Clearing my throat, I tried to rein myself in. “Yes, sir, I am. How might I help you today?”

“My name is Reid Bishop. I inherited the place on Ivy Lane, owned by my great-uncle, Robert Winters? Have you heard of it?”

Nope. “Yes, sir. Are you looking to sell then?”

Please please please!

“I am. I live out of state, and I have no idea what condition the property is in presently. I need an agent I can trust to go check out the place and advise me on any steps I need to take to prepare it for market. I will be coming to town in a week or two. I’m not sure of the timetable just yet.”


“I can absolutely help you with that, Mr. Bishop. There’s some paperwork to get the process started, even if you’re not ready to go on market. I could fax that to your office?”

A loud, nasally voice interrupted my surprise sales call.

“Cam! I’m not paying you to talk on the phone!”

Damn. Dogs N Stuff’s manager, Mike White, who thought supervising a fast-food restaurant made him hot shit, was crossing the street at a jog.

“Fax works. Should I give you the number now?” Reid Bishop asked, his deep baritone smooth ­­­­­as coffee in my ear.

I could listen to that voice all day. But I didn’t have all day, or even all of a minute. Edging down the sidewalk, I put more distance between me and Mike while talking fast.

“Actually, Mr. Bishop, I’m driving. On my way to a showing. You know how it is, all work for us busy real estate agents! But if you want to text the info, I’d be happy to get everything started when I get back to the office.”

“Sure, sounds good. I normally do more homework and check reviews, but I’ve got my hands full.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Bishop. If you’re not satisfied with my work, you can withdraw the listing and work with another agent. There’s very little risk.”

“Well, you sound like you know what you’re talking about. Thank you.”

Yesss. Score 1 for the art of bullshitting.

“Thank you. Talk to you again soon, sir.”

I ended the call not a second too soon.

“Cam!” Mike bellowed as he grabbed my arm. “I pay you to work, not take calls. Hot dogs don’t have cell phones!”

I turned an irritated look on him. “Hot dogs don’t have legs. Do you want me to cut off my legs?”

“What? No—”

“It was an emergency call. It won’t happen again.”

God, please let it happen again.

If someone else called, maybe I’d finally have enough clients to leave the hot dog business.

Author bio  – D.J. Jamison

djjamisonDJ Jamison grew up in the Midwest and worked in newsrooms for more than 10 years before trying her hand at romance writing. Her first m/m romance stories focused on a series of love connections between small-town Kansas newspaper staffers, their sources and their readers before she expanded into novels venturing into emergency rooms and other settings. She lives in Kansas with her husband, two sons and three glow-in-the-dark fish who are miraculously still alive. The same can’t be said for the hamster she got in college. RIP Bogie.

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