Release Blitz + Review: Scorpio hates Virgo by Anyta Sunday (w/ Giveaway)

My dear reader, are you excited? Because I can say: I am. :3 Today’s the release blitz of Anyta Sunday’s Scorpio hates Virgo, the scond book in her Signs of Love series.

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Scorpio Hates Virgo (Signs of Love, #2)Scorpio Hates Virgo by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*


Oh, you can’t imagine how big my grin was when I read the name of Anyta Sunday’s latest book and I had to read the blurb twice when it was out. It is no secret I fell in love with the first book in the series and its sequel/side story, Leo Loves Aries and Leo Tops Aries. I loved Theo and Jamie so much. ❤ But I even fell as hard in love as I did with them with Percy and Calm, maybe even harder. *^*

The reason why I loved it was not only because Percy, short for Perseus, and Cal, short for Callaghan (the names, dear reader, I love them so hard <3) it was because of how they behaved, how they react to each other, how the whole book was written. Both call the other their “nemesis” and they try to believe they are enemies, which become lover. But never is there any malice behind the banter, never is a hatred there, so it’s a mock-enemy to lovers, more like a true friends to lovers situation.

When I opened the book and read the “warning” it was the first indicator I would fall in love. There was written black and white:

This book contains sexual content and an unhealthy obession with dinosaurs.

Who can read this without having a grin on his/her face?! (ICYMI, this is a true rhethorical question ;)) 😀 So, I was “warned” and the warning was really fitting. I lost my heart to the guys, and I admit it shamelessly. ❤

So, I went reading and I could – totally and maybe for the first time EVER – relate to Percy and his feelings. As a Scorpio myself this was like reading a book about me, minus the fact that Percy is male, I’m not and other things, but that aside, his character, his behaviour… so me! And I loved every second of it! It’s true the story is based on a lot of the astrologic stuff, with reading and believing in horoscopes – and the woman who provides them is the mother of Theo, who does the reader know from the first book. This is also the connection to the other book, in taking place in the same neighbourhood and a short appearance of Theo and Jamie later in the book. 🙂

Though there are maybe exaggerations and stereotypes of how to describe a person by his/her (zodiac) sign it gives the book the humor and I can only repeat myself in saying: this is so much fun and I loved every minute.

We learn that Percy and Cal know each other for a while and the slow burn maybe is a burden for the one reader, for me it was exactly what I needed. And the way how the feelings are described, what both guys feel for each other let you swoon.
The fact that Cal is displayed as a demisexual, actual  – as he said of himself – a demipansexual guy, is pretty awesome and it fits so well to the whole story. Their sex scenes are so hot, so fitting and so genuin and honest. It’s almost like you are an intruder and feel guilty observing them, though you shamelessly enjoy every minute of their passion. ❤

Cal is a different character than Percy, as a Virgo he has his quirks, like Percy has his, but when he let his honest words out  – when he is truly open – it’s like he is dropping a bomb. Bam, you are done after reading the words,  you are head over heels – together with Percy. ❤ So, no wonder the guy loves him so much.

I can’t tell how many times I sat there and was laughing like a maniac. XD The way how they talked, the way how they mocked each other was so brilliant, so on point and SO in character. True to the descriptions we got from the horoscopes, Anyta Sunday nailed it. I was sitting there, came along like a cheerleader, encouraged the both guys fervently. ❤ I can only hope we get more of them in future. ❤

Though they have their funny times, the book is full of sweet moments and the bond between the guys but also with their neighbourhood and their families is so sweet. You see a great community and a true and honest way of support in every way. It’s the perfect surroundng you wish you have for yourself. And it’s no wonder Percy and Cal feel so at home there. I also had a 5 minute laugh when I got the prounciation of a character’s name after I read it out loud – at least I believe it’s a small pun of the word “champignon” XD I have maybe ask the author if I’m right. 🙂 Any way it amused me utmost.

This book is also, unexpectedly, filled with angst and drama, it simmers within the book and very slow it is unveiled. And it’s not always nice to read these kinda ugly parts in the story. But at the end there is the happy end after you expect and it’s so, so sweet.

My utmost and wholehartedly recommendation for this book. I felt like reading a story about a person I really knew, I could totally and without any doubts relate to it. And this was súch an amazing journey. Maybe it’s my absolute fav read 2017, we’ll see. 🙂

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ScorpioHatesVirgo-fRELEASE BLITZ
Title: Scorpio hates Virgo
Series: Signs of Love # 2
Author: Anyta Sunday
Genre: M/M Romance, Contemporary, Friends-to-lovers
Release Date: September 1, 2017
Publisher: Self-published
Lenght: 245 pages

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This year is all about healing the heart, Scorpio. It’s time to leave negative attitudes and stoic facades at the door and let others see the real, more vulnerable you.

Percy Freedman is not grieving. Absolutely not, take that back at once. No, he’s entirely sure that selling his dead aunt’s home and leaving the neighbors he’s known for years is the sane thing to do. Who in their right mind would keep the house that smells like all the hugs he’ll never have again?

Nobody, that’s who.

Well, except his cul-de-sac neighbors. They all seem to think some paint and new furniture will clean the emotional slate. They all want him to stay.

Even his nemesis, Callaghan Glover.

Especially his nemesis, Callaghan Glover.

Lured into a game of Sherlock Gnomes, Percy finds himself hanging out with his neighbors more than might be considered healthy. Along with juggling new and surprising verbal grenades from Cal, and his burgeoning friendship with Gnomber9, Percy is starting to wonder if selling might have been the grief talking after all . . .

That’s right, Scorpio. With a little patience, heartbreak might be a thing of the past . . .

* ~* ~* ~*

“Scorpio Hates Virgo” contains sarcasm, sexual content, a slightly sappy HEA, and an unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs.
It can be read as a standalone.

Themes: friends-to-lovers, slow burn
Genre: New Adult, light-hearted contemporary gay romance

Excerpt # 1

noun / per . cal . i . nary

Definition of PERCALINARY
: a reference containing words and their definitions and usage according to Percy Freedman and Callaghan Glover
: a reference explaining the implied meanings of words as used by Percy Freedman and Callaghan Glover

Example of PERCALINARY in a sentence
My first time watching Percy and Cal interact required frequent recourse to a percalinary to understand what the hell type of flirting these two were up to.

Excerpt # 2

The image of Cal in his shower stuck in his head like a nasty thorn, following him back to his place an hour later. It took a concentrated effort and a ton of porn to knock it from behind his retinas.
It really didn’t help when, on the edge of coming a second time, he realized he was sliding the soles of his feet over the sheets Cal had given him.
It knocked the generic porn-dude out of his head and he found himself imagining Cal’s form through lightly fogged glass.
Cal stroked himself, his thick cock sliding through a slickened hand. He choked on a groan, his head rolling back. His eyes widened when he glimpsed Percy on the other side of the door watching but his hand didn’t stop. He stroked faster. His voice was mellow and dripped of sarcasm. Sarcasm and curiosity. “Perseus.”
“Callaghan.” Percy entered the shower, straining and naked. He walked through the mist spraying off Cal’s gently coiled muscles and pushed him against the wall. “You’re not meant to star in my sex-fantasies.”
Cal set those measuring eyes on his, bottom lip parting, the slick sound of his working hand growing louder. On every upward stroke, his hand grazed Percy’s stomach. “Sex in the shower is one of your fantasies? How highly imaginative of you.”
“Since your favorite weapon is your mouth, I think that’s what you should use.”
“To what?”
“Ruin me for any other man.”
Cal dropped to his knees, looking up smugly. “Like my mouth doesn’t do that already.”
Percy’s toes curled and pinched the sheets, and his cock unloaded hot and heavy, the orgasm wringing through every damn inch of his body.
Well. Wasn’t this peachy?


Author bio  – Anyta Sunday

AnytaSunday_Author_Photo_smallSlow burn romance that quickens the heart.

Anyta is a big, BIG fan of slow-burn romances. She loves to read and write stories with characters who slowly fall in love.

Some of her favorite tropes to read and write are: Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Clueless Guys, Bisexual, Pansexual, Demisexual, Oblivious MCs, Everyone (Else) Can See It, Slow Burn, Love Has No Boundaries.

Anyta writes a variety of stories, Contemporary MM Romances with a good dollop of angst, Contemporary lighthearted MM Romances, and even a splash of fantasy. Her books have been translated into German, Italian and French.

Member of Romance Writers of America.

Connect with Anyta: Website | Twitter | Facebook
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