Review: Grasp by E. Davies

Grasp (Significant Brothers, #2)Grasp by E. Davies
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Zoo vet Blane Winter’s grumpy attitude and muscles hide a romantic heart. He only relaxes when he’s around animals, since he likes them more than people. Until he meets a certain incessantly cheerful artist…

Studying meerkats as he paints a wedding present for his sister gives Falcon Harper the perfect excuse to creep on the hot vet. It takes his mind off the dreaded event: he’s happy for his sister, but his secret ex will be at the wedding. His asshole secret ex.

The solution is obvious: Blane can be Falcon’s plus-one and show Spencer that Falcon’s moved on to bigger, better things all these years later. But feelings grow as Falcon coaxes Blane out of his shell. Just as happiness seems within their grasp, jealousy threatens to tear it away for good.

This second book in the Significant Brothers series which can be read as a stand-alone deals with Blane, the long-term friend of Nick from Splinter, and Falcon, an artist who met Blane in the zoo where Blane works.

The tension and chemistry is right there, from the start the sparks are flying. It is kinda insta-love which I really liked.

Falcon is a charming chararacter, he has his funny scenes, knows how to lead a banter and Blane and he are totally talk the same language. The most charming thing about Falcon is his blushing and that, despite he is so self-confident he is unsure when it comes to relationships.

Blane is displayed as a grumpy vet working in a zoo and it needs Falcon to break the “ice”. 😀 I really liked how deep his connection to his friends is, something we already knew from the first book. But in this book the focus is a bit stronger on the weekly meetings, and especially his friendship with Roman is displayed. It also gives maybe a small hint which pairing is next, but it isn’t confirmed yet. 🙂

The reappearances of the other guys of the group is charming, it gives Blane a background and a depth, his interaction with his co-worker in the zoo is also pretty indicating how his chararacter is.

Falcon also get his scenes, especially his relationship to his family, to his sister, his sister in law and his mother is charming and a totally adorable. The “drama” with his former “ex”-boyfriend is a good side-story and the trouble soon revealed and solved. 🙂

As I said the tension is right there, from the start, and due to their banter and their humorous interactions, there is a lot of fun in the erotic scenes. It feels natural how both guys react towards each other, though sometimes it was a bit “too” fast. Not too much but this time a few tiny things were missing. Still, a great read.

This book gets 4.5 out of 5 stars, I can’t give full stars but it’s not that I disliked it, quite the contrary. 🙂 But a few minor aspects didn’t satify me at the end. 🙂
I’m really curious who’s book is next. I’m still most excited to read Dustin’s story. 😀

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