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Hello my lovely readers,

you maybe wondered why it was a bit silent on my page. Well, nothing serious is the reason but I am preparing pretty cool reviews and features for you. :3

So, here’s the list of the upcoming next events and reviews/release blitzes. :3

  • Cover reveal of Roe Horvat‘s Dirty Mind – yes, you have heard right, a pretty cool cover reveal. I am so honored that my blog is doing this. :3 Roe asked me and of course I said yes. Prepare yourself for a cool excerpt. :3 Roe Horvat is the author of The Layover. In case you missed it, check out my review here. 🙂


  • I hadn’t luck with getting an ARC of Illegal Contact by Santino Hassell so I bought it by myself. ASAP I will write a hot review for you. :3


  • I also have a few teaser posts in preparation of Megan Erickson‘s upcoming M/F paranormal, vampire themed book Blood Guard. This is coming also.


  • August 29 is a date you should mark, because then Yanni’s Story by N.R Walker is out. :3 It’s a sequel/spin-off to the Spencer Cohen (3 books) series. :3 Of course you won’t to miss this review by me, right? :] I have to check it first but maybe I’ll write also reviews for the Spencer Cohen series for this. 🙂


  • A few days after I have Scorpio Hates Virgo  by Anyta Sunday in the pipeline. It’s getting a Release Blitz post and of course a review. :3
    I read it already and it’s soo good. As a Scorpio myself I was delighted by the way how Percy was displayed. And Cal was so marvelous. ❤ You will love these guys. At least I hope so. 😉


  • A huge wave of reviews are planned: I have all three books in the Roads series by Garrett Leigh in preparation. The latest book is Circle, coming September 5 but of course I will write my reviews to Slide and Rare; and since I have the short stories (Marked & Freed) inbetween these will also included in the reviews. So, a loads of stuff around this series. :3 I haven’t decided if the series gets a large post or if the reviews are becoming single ones. But stay tuned.


  • Aimee Nicole Walker‘s second book in the Road to Blissville series Someone to Call my Own is out September 5 and of course I have a review planned for you too, but later in September. 🙂


  • And last but not least the next collaboration between Nyrae Dawn (aka Riley Hart) and Christina Lee, Living out Loud is out September 8; my review is planned for September 9. 🙂 Meet Ben (from Paint the Stars) and Xavier (from A Hundred Thousand Words); it can be read as a standalone. :3


Of course there will be other things maybe inbetween but these are more or less fix dates. :3

Here are all the hot cover (at least those who have one already or are yet on GR ;)). Click the cover to go to Goodreads (to put those hotties on your TBR list ;)).






That’s it for now. :3 Happy saturday, my lovelies. ❤

Kisses & hugs,

Mikku-chan ❤






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