This challenge got my attention when I was going through my twitter timeline and saw that Laberladen, a German bookblogger participated. My interest was picked. 🙂

But what is this LoveAroundTheWorld Challenge?

Saskia from Life With Saskia (the blog is in German, so are the posts) started this challenge and the rules seem easy:

  • Write a post about the topic love/spread love; this means you can dedicate the post to a special person, write about any topic which is connected to “love”, you can write to a beloved person (directly, in a letter) or just spread your love (you can hug others, you can do something nice for your people around you etc.) and tell about it.
  • Rule #1 is only: do somerthing which is connected to love
  • at the end of the post you tag 7 people but it’s up to you how many you chose. 🙂 those who are tagged are welcome to leave a small comment (with their blog post)
  • For those who don’t blog: you can participate also; do sth. nice for people around you, write old friends, be helpful to neighbours or simply have a smile for everybody you meet, doesn’t matter if it’s in the office, the subway/tram/train or in the supermarket 🙂
  • If you like you can leave a comment
  • But: no stress, don’t feel forced to participate; but if you like, tell about your experience and spread love by yourself

The rules are set. Happy reading with my post. 🙂


When I first started this blog it was because I wanted to share my passion with other, my love about books with people. At the beginning it wasn’t easy I admit. I am still a small spotlight in the blogger community but nontheless I do what I do with dedication. This is my spirit, and people who know me, I do things 100%, maybe even 110%. 😀

When I’ve chosen my blog topic and what I wanted to write about it was soon pretty clear the focus should be on LGBTQ+ books. I use this term because although I started with gay romance books, it soon went further. I had similar experiences as Laberladen and knew pretty less about the community, the different spectrums of sexuality and gender. And of course only small things about the political rights and laws.
Soon I joined groups, liked and “became friends” with authors. First it was only just a possibility to get news about books, to be able to be in contact with the author, to be informed about the author’s projects.  But after a while it shifted and inside the groups I met other people. I learned personal shared things about the authors and I opend myself several times. I met friends. Some of them I haven’t met yet, some of them I’ll never meet, I don’t know but I cerish every single one. And even “just” acquaintances I met there gave me important insights I am glad for. 🙂

In struggled times like this, when the world is (politically) in an uproar it’s pretty inspiring, as well as helpful to be connected to others in “the community”.
As a cishet (white) woman living in Germany, being “just” an ally for the LGBTQ+ people I can claim certain privileges, although I (was) never asked if I wanted them. Don’t get me wrong this is not a complain, it’s just an observation and I’m well aware of “my limits”. I have still a lot to learn. And I’m constantly reminded.
Everyday I spend time in the community, with the people, connect online, talk on several social media, I see new perspectives. Whenever I read a new book, especially those who have (heavy) parts of own voice in it, I get new experiences. And everytime I am so grateful what I have, on the other side I feel ashamed. Why?
Because I don’t have to struggle, I am not in (immediate) danger like other people I knew or read about in the newspapers/social media but whenever I read about personal shared experiences and injustice my heart bleeds and went towards them. And especially when I read the latest news I ask myself: what can I, what can we do to make it a bit better? Should we be angry? Yes, of course you are allowed to, of course you are allowed to express your pain but in the end I say: let us spread love. Don’t let the hate and the anger overwhelm us.

My small tribute is maybe not the world but it means so much to me and hopefully my support is helpful for the other.

As a person who is highly politically interested – I studied politics as a minor and will continue it next year – I know about certain “mechanics”, the basics, and I have an “insight” (at least academically) of the process. Still observing the events going on is saddening. It’s sometimes so utterly devastating you want to hide under a blanket, snuggle under it, just to shut the world out. And yes, this is maybe a privilege, too, but let me say this: it’s a mechanism to keep your sanity, to keep yourself “functional”, and let us be honest, although we don’t want it, we have to be a funtional part of the society. This doesn’t mean you have to surpress your feelings and it’s certainly nothing you should feel ashamed of. It’s the person’s own decision how to cope with it. And it shouldn’t never be questioned.

Which leads to the beginning of the post: the books I’ve read helped me during those times, during personal crisises and during the sometimes unbearable feeling of injustice and helplessness. During the darkest times in my life.
In the groups and with the people I connect (may it online or in person) I see: they often feel the same. It’s the same experiences they make as I.
In times like this it’s not a shame if you aren’t able to handle the events. And it’s okay to ask for help and support.
You don’t need to be the first on the streets, protest and hold banners high if you don’t feel comfortable with. You don’t need to donate loads of dollars/euros to show you care.

It’s only human that you feel vulnerable and that you need a comfort place, a way to “let go”. Don’t judge yourself, and don’t feel bad about it. Instead worship small things too, do nice things for other and of course for yourself. Spread the love. Spread your passion and excitement. And ignore the intolerant people, the hateful, disgusting ones.

I spread my love and passion with writing blog posts about LGBTQ+ books and hope this tribute shows my love, my compassion and empathy.
Hayley Williams, the front singer of the band Paramore, a band which I adore and love utmost, said at the concert in Cologne, where I went:

“I think, as we get older the words “empathy” and “compassion” become more and more important, (…)”

I admit I cried when she said this and it hit right in the heart. ❤ These words should get more attention. Show compassion, show empathy, show kindness. No hate, no anger, no violence.

I thank my friends and my readers, my followers from the bottom of my heart.

My love goes out to these tagged people but I embrace all:

The rules in short:

  • Explain the challenge, what’s its use
  • use the header from Saskia, but you can also use a self-made one
  • spread love ❤
  • tag/nominate 7 (or more or less) people

5 thoughts on “[Feature]#LoveAroundTheWorld-Challenge

  1. “You don’t have to be gay to be a supporter — you just have to be human,”
    Daniel Radcliffe, MTV Interview

    Every contribution counts, even the smallest one. Telling people about all the great and heartwarming LGBT+ lovestories coming from talented authors and encouraging people to read some – that’s spreading the love.

    Lots of Love


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