Review: My Anti-Boyfriend

My Anti-Boyfriend
My Anti-Boyfriend by D.J. Jamison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Brad has everyone fooled. He’s the casual, sexy friend. The fun-time guy who sleeps around. Except not really. There’s one man who holds his heart: his best friend — with benefits — Riley. Too bad Riley has no interest in a relationship, and as far as Brad can tell, never will. But once Brad acknowledges his freelings for Riley, he can’t continue to ignore them. He pulls back, trying to find a way to shut down his hurting heart so he can remain Riley’s friend.

Riley has everything he needs: a decent job, plenty of hookups, and his wingman Brad, who also makes for great fun in the sack. He’s happily oblivious, until Brad starts avoiding him. Riley is baffled when Brad starts skipping regular nights at the gay club, fails to return calls and otherwise ignores him. He can’t imagine what he’s done wrong, and when he finally corners Brad and learns the truth, he’s scared to death one more person is going to abandon him. He misses Brad like crazy — both the friend and the lover — but he’s never even considered a relationship.

Now Brad and Riley have a choice to make: friends or lovers. Riley’s days of having his cake and eating it too are over. Then again, maybe Brad is tasty enough to keep a man satisfied.

Although this book is connected to the novella My Anti-Valentine you can read this as a stand-alone.
This novella deals with Brad and Riley, two friends who are wingman for each other and have a very liberal way of which guys they take in bed and don’t make a stop at each other.

The story is a great friends-to-lovers story, which I adore utmost, so this story by D.J. Jamison totally hit all my buttons. xD
I loved how the tension was there when the feelings were suddenly there and when the problems started. 😀

This book has a great character development which shows that D.J. Jamison knows how to write character. Her writing is fluid, the character and their action in my eyes understandable.

The hot sex scenes in this book, later mixed with deep feelings, are really sensual at smoking hot. I really adored them.

5 out of 5 stars. It was really good to have also a small re-appearance of Bret and Harry. 🙂 The only complain I have are  – again – the names, but this time not that I mixed them up, it was more that the names “Brad” and “Bret” were to similar. XD Could have a better choice by the author. 😉

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