Review: Dark Silence

Dark Silence
Dark Silence by Katze Snow
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars (rounded up)

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Fans of FLESH CARTEL will enjoy reading this book because it is ALL kinds of messed up. Not a romance. Humanity does not belong here.

Claude Galen was brought into this world to train slaves, not to want them.

When his latest victim, a twenty-one-year-old boy named Tristan Kade, begins to see Claude for who he truly is, only one thing can be done to stop Tristan from escaping: punish him.

Trapped in a padded white room with no windows or doors, all Tristan can do to stay alive in this world is to obey Professor Galen.

Submit to him.

Yield. Break.

But what happens when Tristan’s body is trained to work against him? When he starts to crave the pleasure instead of fear it? When he begins to see the man behind the monster?

Warning: This story is DARK. It is not intended for those who are seeking a happily ever after. This psychological, erotic MM thriller is meant for those who enjoy the darker side of life. It is NOT a romance and it contains graphic scenes of sexual torture in which some may find upsetting. Other possible triggers include abduction, torture, non con, manipulation, and enslavement. Please consider these warnings before entering the professor’s world.

If you are searching for romance in the story you actually have to dig deep or at least interpret it your own way.

With the current work by Katze Snow and Susanna Hays you get a thriller, not a romance book. It is a page turner and if love dark stories where inhumaty is shown you will absolutely adore this book.

I have to say I have hard times with extreme violence, with torture and rape, so I say at this point: be aware what you are capable to accept and endure, because a lot of the scenes in the book were over the top  – but not bad. 😉 They gave you a thrill, like a good thriller should have, the suspense WAS there, right from the start and you had your hopse up. Until the last page.

And without spoiler anything I can say: the end gives you goosebumps. I am definitely eager to read the next book in the series, I am curious what events are going on and what happend with the main character if they are mentioned again. We’ll see.

As I said the violence and the inhuman behaviour is hard to endure, Claude isn’t a character in my eyes who gains sympathy, he is kind of an antagonist hence at some points there is understanding for him. Not that it excuses anything but… on a really strange way you have a bit sympathy with him, because you can say he is a victim too.

Still my heart bleeds – really, it does – for Tristan and his torture is enormous. He is such a sweet and kind soul and so many times I set my hopes high. He had my full attention and I really liked how he was developed.

It’s a bit difficult to tell too much about the book, otherwise it would reduce the suspence but it’s really capturing how Tristan is fighting against Claude. He is capable of bonding, still in his mysery, and shows emotions in desperated times.

The side character in the book are also interesting and I am really eager to read more about them, maybe we get a few more insights in the next book.

I won’t say the book ends with a cliffhanger but on the other hand  – like I said – it gives you goosebumps. You can’t believe how it ends and the waiting for the next installment in the series is definitely there.

Because of a few things here and there I can’t give 5 out of 5 stars, so it’s a 4.5 star read worth. It’s thrilling, it captures you but it also let you suffer, you are tortured by the events and I had sometimes to stop because I was so schocked by the events.

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