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Lovely reader, fans of M/M, I hope you will like my review of Christina Lee’s Regret. Check the post out for an excerpt and don’t miss the teaser. I assure you want to grab your own copy.

Happy reading, enjoy. ❤

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Regret by Christina Lee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

When Brian “Brin” Schubert’s condo floods, he takes his co-worker up on the offer to stay on his crappy futon for a while. The last thing he expects is for his friend’s roommate to be the one guy he despises the most. The same guy who stomped on his heart senior year of high school. And by the looks of the girl on his arm, the same man who’s still deep inside the closet.

Nicholas Dell never predicted that eleven years later, one of his greatest regrets would show up on his doorstep down on his luck. Nick has made some terrible mistakes—story of his life—and he’s been paying for them ever since. And if the guilt and shame aren’t enough, his first crush had to turn into one of the sexiest men he’s ever laid eyes on.

Nick and Brin have weeks to steer clear of each other. Weeks to avoid strangling each other. But when stubbornness leads to skyrocketing sexual tension, hate-sex doesn’t seem like such an awful way to work through their frustration. Except hate is a powerful emotion, especially when it’s turned inward. And in Nick’s case he’s been drowning in a sea of self-loathing for so long, he can’t see his way out.

As Brin reconnects with Nick, his perception of what really happened in their past begins to change. He’s finally ready to forgive him and take a second chance on the one guy who stirs him like no other. But Nick’s demons are complicated, heart-wrenching…demanding. So devastating, he might never allow himself true happiness—even with the one man who’s always owned his heart.

With Regret Christina Lee wrote another book which let you turn page after page.

The topic isn’t really sweet and fluffy, in fact, it is a story where two guys, who know each other from school part and later when they meet again the anger and the vulnerabilty is showing, and both hurt each other. Also is Nick as the protagonist a person who carries a lot of burden with him, he is constantly worrying, he has a deep regret of the things happening in the past, not only concerning Brin.

As I said the book isn’t fluffy and light though the book has his humor, his witty parts and the side character like Elijah or Tristan are a great addition to the “main cast”. 🙂

The tension is there from the start, first because of the anger between the two guys, then later because of their feelings for each other. The erotic scenes are hot and it is really sweet how they go from passion to deep feelings, the way how they explore each other is a bit twisted and turned around… kissing isn’t an issue first. 😉

It is really difficult to talk about the book without telling more, it would reveal too much, the thrilling part of the book is the reason WHY Nick isn’t feeling worth, why he doubt himself.

I am not sure if the book can’t be a trigger for people like Nick, there is a lot of self-loathing and hate in the book and sometimes it is hard to endure Nick’s feelings.

For me this book gets 5 out of 5 stars.

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Title: Regret
Series: Under the Skin # 1
Author: Christina Lee
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: June 26, 2017
Lenght: 242 pages
Cover Desigh: Kanaxa

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“Brin, let me introduce you to my roommate,” Elijah said as I followed him through the short hallway to the living room. “This is Nick and his friend, Sarah.”
Sarah’s curly locks were nearly as blond as mine and Nick’s black hair was mostly tucked beneath a worn blue baseball cap. The two of them were cozy on the couch, Sarah sitting with her legs tucked under her and Nick with his ankle crossed over his knee. They were eating Chinese food off paper plates resting in their laps. Sarah simply waved as her mouth was full from a bite of food but Nick responded, “Hey, how you doing?” after swallowing a piece of what looked like an egg roll.
The smell of fried rice hit my nostrils and when my stomach rumbled in response, I realized just how famished I was. I was dying to dive right into the second brown bag resting on the coffee table that more than likely contained my food, but I didn’t want to be rude.
When Nick leaned forward with an outstretched hand, for some reason I zeroed right in on the neatly groomed scruff on his chin. When he tilted his face to look directly into my eyes, I froze, our fingers interlocked. A startled gasp sprang from my lips, and Nick’s eyebrows slammed together in confusion right before they lifted straight to his hairline.
The same cherry-colored lips, with a center dimple drilled into his chin. Those sad, amber-colored eyes that shuttered out the world.
Holy fuck. Elijah’s roommate was Nicholas Dell.
The same Nicholas Dell from Jefferson High who practically ruined me for other guys.
The same Devil’s third baseman that begged his math tutor to suck his cock in the locker room after practice.
And given the female nestled up beside him, it was the same Nicholas Dell who was still deep in the closet.

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Author bio  – Christina Lee

christinaOnce upon a time, I lived in New York City and was a wardrobe stylist. I spent my days shopping for photo shoots, getting into cabs, eating amazing food, and drinking coffee at my favorite hangouts.

Now I live in the Midwest with my husband and son—my two favorite guys. I’ve been a clinical social worker and a special education teacher. But it wasn’t until I wrote a weekly column for the local newspaper that I realized I could turn the fairytales inside my head into the reality of writing fiction.

I write Adult, New Adult, and M/M Contemporary Romance. I’m addicted to lip gloss and salted caramel everything. I believes in true love and kissing, so writing romance novels has become a dream job.

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