Review: Ferry-Tale

Ferry-Tale by Kade Boehme
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Adam Wright loves his city, his job, his close friends, and is content with his single status. But his unrequited crush on his sometimes drinking buddy, the seemingly straight Timmy, is shaking his ability to maintain the status qup.

Even if Adam doesn’t want to admit it, his walls aren’t as high where Timmy is concerned. Timmy is older, more outwardly confident, and full of surprises—not the least of which is the night when drinks lead to proof Adam’s crush isn’t so unrequited.

After they navigate Adam’s anxiety and Timmy’s own insecurities, their fairy tale may just have the happy ending they both needed time to realize they deserve.

This book was a bit uneventful but nethertheless super thrilling due to the character and the high development.

Kade Boehme is an awesome writer and knows how to create character who are believable and a lot of his stories feel “natural” and “real”, not directly like stories which are been told, which is amazing and capivating al at once.

I really liked Adam and Timmy and how they meet, how their relationship is growing and how the feelings are bud. It is a sweet story without being sappy, a realistic story without being boring.

In fact it is a great contemporary story and to tell more about the content would spoil the potential reader.

5 out of 5 stars for this. I also love the title, it is so sweet and totally fitting, of course.

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