Review: Confessional

Confessional by Robert Innes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Book 2 in the Blake Harte Mysteries!

St Abra’s church is harbouring a dark secret. Several elderly parishioners have been found dead in the church’s confessions booth, all appearing to have suffered fatal heart attacks.

But when another, much younger body is discovered in exactly the same way, Detective Sergeant Blake Harte must investigate how it is possible for the confessions booth to be killing off its occupants. Dark forces are at play, forcing Blake to believe it’s more than just tragic coincidence.

Book 2 in The Blake Harte Mysteries series! A head scratching collection of impossible crimes featuring Detective Sergeant Blake Harte, set in the small picturesque village of Harmschapel. Police procedural with dark themes and romantic undertones.

Are the deaths a punishment for the sins confessed, or are there ulterior motives in play? In a race against the clock, only Blake can discover the long-kept secrets and lies hiding in the shadows before they tear apart the sleepy village of Harmschapel.

I was already hooked by the first book, Untouchable, and this one is no exception. Robert Innes has a way to write story totally fascinating and captivating. The tone is calm, still there is subtle humor when the reader the the parts with Blake.

I can hardly say hows great this book was and I didn’t know I missed Blake this much, but when I started the book I was right there again. :3 And, gosh, how much I really missed. Blake. The crumpy, but somehow smart and charming Detective Sergeant was more revealed in the second book and it was a great entertainment to have him around. I am really fond of this character.

You can read this book totally as a standalone but there are aspects in it, so it’s good to know the first book and what’s happening there, but it’s not necessary for the understanding because you get everything important explained.

I really loved the continuation of the subplot between Blake and Harrison… Give me more is all I can say and… sometimes I wanted to shake on of the guys… Often I exhaled “Oh Harrison” and my heart was with Blake. I really hope the third books shows this… couple again. :3

I won’t tell too much about the crime case because it would take the thrill and the suspense. 🙂 I can only say the crime case itself is very well displayed, you have your suspects and you investigate along with Blake and the charming minor character but the outcome was surprising.

Talking about the minor character. It’s sweet how well known they are to you, even after one book, and how much you love them already. The whole department is like a small family and you feel comfortable to have them around.

5 out of 5 stars for this crime novel with even more gay romance hints than the first one, still a book I would also recommend people who are general crime lovers and want to “start” reading books out of the gay romance section. 🙂


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