Review: The Weight of It All

The Weight of It All
The Weight of It All by N.R. Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


After being dumped by his long-term boyfriend for being overweight, Henry Beckett decides to make some drastic changes. In a vain attempt at getting his boyfriend back, Henry does the most absurdly frightening thing he can think of.

He joins a gym.

Reed Henske is a personal trainer who isn’t sure he’ll ever be ready to date again. He’s sick of guys who are only interested in the perfect body image, never seeing him for who he really is.

As Reed tortures Henry with things like diet and exercise, Henry enamours Reed with recipes and laughter. As the friendship lines start to blur, Henry is convinced there’s no way Thor-like Reed could ever be interested in a guy like him.

Reed just has to convince Henry that life isn’t about reaching your ideal bodyweight. It’s about finding your perfect counterweight.

What a lovely, brilliant book. So funny, so sweet but also with a serious note. This book is more than about a big guy who tries to get his live in balance and meet a healthy personal trainer he can’t resist. The book is about feeling good and happy with yourself, it is a great feel-good-book and a source when you need to be cheered up.

Henry, the hero, is devastaded because of his cruel break up with his long term boyfriend for 8 years. He is dumped because he isn’t in shape anymore, too old, too ugly, like his boyfriend says… Totally at his bottom he does the only thing: he goes to a gym and try to loose weight.

There he meet Reed and the magic happen.

It’s not that N.R. Walker wrote a story where magical Reed fell in love with Henry and vice versa. It’s a slow burn (no pun intended ;)) book where both guys develope a friendship  based on the training. Reed is cheerful, positive and sees the good sides, the funny sides of Henry. He isn’t superficial, he doesn’t mind what body shape people have. And he has a reason for it. I won’t say because it would ruin the suspsense but it is totally sweet and it touches your heart.

The most time the book is concentrating on the friendship and the easy relationship betweenm Henry and Reed. It clicked right from the start and Henry not only amuses Reed, the reader is also laughing so hard. I couldn’t stop so many times – or I had to because otherwise I couldn’t breath. Henry is a genuine and nice person, a person you really want to be friend with, a person you totally can trust and rely on. He is such a sweetheart. But not only Henry, Reed also captures your heart and you totally forget he is a guy with a perfect body.

This is the great thing about this book. Though both guys do their workout you sometimes forget about the body shapes and you are fasinated by the chemistry between them. You don’t mind if or if not Henry loos weight. The postive outcome is only the icing on the cake.
The book contains erotic scenes and those are perfectly balanced. You never are disgusted or uncomfortable because the tension between Reed and Henry is palpable.

Another thing in the book, next to the emotional part (which is great) and the constant hilarious jokes by Henry and his natural charme there is a lot of focus on the food and I love it. xD You are getting so hungry to eat the healthy stuff, and you would totally know this stuff can’t be other than good. xD Creativity not only in the writing but also in the dishes which are served. Great. :3 ❤

This book totally deserve 5 out of 5 stars. Read it when you are down and need to cheer up.  Read it when you have enough of body shaming and other social issues.

Henry and Reed are so sweet together and you wish people around you would be like them. True keeper. :3


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