Review: The Mutt: An Order Short Story

The Mutt: An Order Short Story
The Mutt: An Order Short Story by Kasia Bacon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

I, Ervyn Morryés of the Black Mountain clan, know all about control.

As the only fair-haired Dark Elf in the Highlands, I had to learn to control my fists and my temper in the face of derision.

To become the best archer amongst my peers, I had to learn to control my breathing and my movements.

But the day the half-breed called Lochan Féyes arrived at the training camp, my discipline faltered. Because—sweet gods—when I am around that aloof, blue-eyed assassin, my need is uncontrollable.

Normally fantasy book have a difficult stand in my collection, but when the author asked if I’m interested for reviewing this stort shory I was on board. Though I am befriend with the author I can say I judged this book totally open and honest, but it was really hooking and I never had expected to be so engrossed in the story and the character.

Written in the first person you get a great insight of the world Ervyn, the hero, lives in. Also are the describtions desplayed by Kasia on point, clear, with great embroidery without revealing too much or to left too much out. Along with the captivating describtions the story itself is maybe a bit uneventful though it gives as a prequel a great insight of the character and how Ervyn and Lochan meet each other. It is told by the author that this should help for the first book of the series which will be published soon. I can only say: I am really excited to read it.

I also adored about the book the variaty of words and the natural flow in the character’s conversations. The tension between Lochan and Evryn is there, it is hot and steamy but it is also sometimes sweet what Kasia is showing. The mixture of lightness and sexy scenes promise a lot for the full lengh novel. 🙂

I can also praise the use of the foreign language spoken in the book though it might be helpful for the next book to have a glossar at the end where terms are explained. Because I guess this is something you should pay attention and which maybe is a bit difficult to follow through a full book.

The debut work of this author showes me that gems are hidden among a lot of new writers and even if I’m befriend with Kasia I can recommend this story without any doubt. She totally win me over with this and she can see this as a compliment because I am often have my hard times with too much fantasy and the long and sometimes (for me) boring books in this genre. 🙂

5 out of 5 stars, this is a great insight of the character, it helps to get information about the world they live in as well as the author’s writing. I will read the next novel because I want to know what happens next with Ervyn and Lochan.


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