Review: Love Lost

Love Lost
Love Lost by Hayden Hunt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

It’s time for me to start over.

When I decided to move back to my old college town to start a more lucrative job and get away from my ex boyfriend, I thought I was escaping my past. I had no idea I was running to it. But when I start my first day of work and find my first love, Derek, working beside me it feels like I’ve gone back in time.

I never got over him. He’s the only man I’ve ever truly loved. But on top of the fact that I’ve decided to be single for awhile, he’s actually already engaged to a woman! Which doesn’t surprise me, he always identified as bisexual, but it does make it hard to work with him. Every day I spend with him, my feelings grow.

And he doesn’t even know.

I’m getting married because I have to.

Marrying a girl after years of dating her is just what you should do. I did the right thing by proposing to Brittany, even if I’m not passionately in love with her. Because, honestly, I haven’t been passionately in love since college with my first love, Scott. He’s the only person I ever felt head over heels for, and only because he was my first love.

So while some people might think I’m settling, I don’t think I am. This is just what love is supposed to be like, right? Love is comfortable. Sparks aren’t always flying, romance isn’t always in the air… Though I can’t say I don’t really miss the days of being passionate about Scott, that love has been long lost.

Which was all my fault.

This standalone MM romance comes complete with HEA ending and bonus material from two of my other books!

The plot itself wasn’t bad, stories about second chances can be actually really good but this book was sometimes a bit rushed though it contained too much drama.

But the most annyoing fact, sorry to say, were the editorial mistakes. I can go through a few spelling mistakes but this time it was too much. There was a continuation in calling the ex-girlfriend wrong, the name sometimes switched on 4 pages 3 times… Not really cool. :/
Also there were some really bad typing mistakes where you not know what actually meant by the sentence because it don’t make any sense….

I often recognized these mistakes with the author and I’m not sure I will continue reading stories… They are often only a bit satisfying… ūüė¶
Also do I feel a bit… betrayed by the half or 2/3 book you get, when it stops somewhere at 60%….
I don’t need this much “bonus” which is only an excerpt of the other book in the one I got… Also do I think the bonus stories from the NL could be included there instead…

This way I feel a bit forced to subscribe the NL to get a few more content although there is enough space… Also better to proof the book a few days more instead of sending out a rushed edition. It’s not worth the price then… And people are getting disappointed…

For now I give this 3 to 3.5 out of 5 stars, and I will skip the next books by the author…


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