Happy New Year!!

My fellow follower,

I wish you a Happy New Year.

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Let us start the new and hopefully better working year with a lot of amazing stuff.

Be prepared to see on this blog several things. You ask what I’ve planned? Here are a few tentative things I will try to do during the first quarter (Q1) of the new year. :3

  • being part of the blog tour of Kindle Alexander‘s  Painted on my Heart
    My review will be posted on the 9th of january – mark this in your calendar. ❤
  • having awesome interviews with several authors. A few already said yes, I need to manage how it will be done but it will be. :3
  • I will expand my blog in writing sometimes bilingual entries, so you’ll see reviews in Englisch AND German. Why? Because I will  – and already have – request a few books in the gay romance genre (but not inclusively) which are in German. So my next planned review will be published in a few days, definitely before the 14th.
  • also do I plan to attend to the blog features more often since the half of november and december were totally crap in this matter… I apologize for failing in the weekly posts… Maybe I will also change sth in case I need to take a break for one week…
  • write more reviews…. -> okay, that’s pretty obvious. XD But I would also finally write reviews in the #diverseromancebingo-Feature; maybe I will post bi-weekly a review with this topic. But I have to organize this first.

So, as you see there are a few things, some things are already settled and fix, other are rough ideas.

But these are the good intentions for 2017.

I hope you have also amazing plans for 2017 but nontheless whatever you have planned or not: be happy, try to take your time as much as you need it and let the crappy 2016 behind you.

Kisses & hugs, see you next level (XDD),

Mikku-chan ❤

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