Catching up some entries – update

My dear follower,

sorry for the delay of some posts, for the silence on the blog and the lack of interaction. The blog is NOT dead, of course not but I was so busy the last 2 weeks I had trouble to catch up the deadlines a bit and the daily things exhausted me… Anyway. No need to be sad. ūüėÄ

I wanted to inform you that I TRY to write a few reviews over the holiday, maybe tomorrowe there will be the reviews I have a delay for.

I also will do a few editorial things and organize new entries for 2017. I plan to start the year with a few things, one of the biggest plans are having author interviews. I actually got answers of several and have to manage the best time for all who are interested. :3

So please stay tuned. :3

Sorry for the short updates the last days… I hope to fix it for the next year, but I assume since I will have a bit more time. December was helluva month. xD

I wish you all Merry Christmas or the holiday you celebrate, a happy New Year and a great start into 2017.

Kisses & hugs,