Review: Chance for Christmas

Chance for Christmas
Chance for Christmas by D.J. Jamison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Chance Rasmussen returns to Ashe, Kansas, eight years after his high school crush humiliated him with a sext that went viral. He’s low on holiday spirit with his personal ghost of Christmas past haunting him, but when his BFF asks him to attend a party as her fake date, he reluctantly agrees. The last person he expects to see there is Joe Stewart, the compassionate prosecutor he hero-worshipped during the lowest point of his life.

Joe Stewart is a great prosecutor, but when it comes to romance he’s out of his depth. He came close to love once, but the timing and circumstances were all wrong, so Joe ignored his feelings and threw himself into his work. But when two of his friends drag him to The Ashe Sentinel holiday party, placing him directly in the path of the man he let walk away, Joe realizes he’s been granted a second chance.

The spark of attraction is still there, but Chance isn’t planning to stay in Ashe past the holidays and the spectre of his past still looms large between them. Can they find a way to build a future together or will Joe only have Chance for Christmas?

Chance for Christmas is part of the Ashe Sentinel Connections series, but introduces the love story of two new characters and can be read as a standalone.

This seventh book of the Ashe Sentinel Connections series can be read as part of the series but also as a stand alone. Because of the new character Chance and Joe it is like a small fresh start.

Joe, attorney and a beefy, trained guy (I must admit because he is described so introverted that he must have been a lean guy, but he’s quite the opposite) is a bit – but not much – older than Chance who left Ashe, Kansas because of his past. He suffered through a huge humilation caused though a highschool crush and went to L.A. to be an actor.

Being called home he is well aware of the ghosts from the past, but the most problems are made by his own mind.

He meets Joe again, the attorney who helped him in the past with his case, and both have heavy sparks flying around them. The chemistry is palpable and I really liked how the story developed from this on.

Because Joe is such a timid, calm character he is mistaken of being shy. But this also causes great, funny and hilarious scenes in the book. I say only: in the flat of Rick and Will. xD But on the other hand you have of course a bit pity with him.

Chance is also a character with a great burden. He is sometimes insecure, tries to be smart and charming, be self-confident but sometimes he stumbles.

Like other books of the series before, Rewriting his Love or Changing Focus, the book contains not too much sexual interaction. It isn’t really bad this time the sex is a bit more tamed because in the whole context it is fitting. Sometimes less is more and it depends on the character development. And this was good balanced.

That we have a few reappearances of the other character from the series is a nice aspect, it gives a better insight of some of the character. Some named things in the book are only to understand when you’ve read the books before but it doesn’t stop the fun in reading this as a standalone. I have a high connection to Sarah in this book whereas she was in the last books sometimes a bit annoying, though a few actions were over the top in this book. But it is nice to see a minor character also improving.

This book gets 5 out of 5 stars. I really liked it, the balance between Joe and Chance and also the vulnerabilty of both men. Both have a great burden to carry, and both fit very well together.



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