Review: Legacy

Legacy by Jason Collins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

It’s been one month since the Blue Moon diamond was safely tucked away, and Evan Carlson is ready to move past the drama and scandal surrounding it. On his last day as bank manager, Evan is excited to rid himself of his duties and finally focus on his relationship with Jacob. On his way out of town, a chance encounter with Lucy Sanders causes Evan to wonder if their troubles are really over.

Determined to maintain a positive attitude, Evan pushes his feelings of doubt aside until the arrival of a handsome new man shakes everything up. During a business meeting with Alex Carter, son of Danielle and Sheriff Carter, Evan finds himself unable to deny his attraction to the flirtatious man. Loyal to Jacob and excited about their future, Evan finds himself torn between the love of his life and forbidden thoughts of another man.

With all their attention centered on their relationship, Evan and Jacob let thoughts of the secured diamond fall to the way side. Unfortunately, what once was secure, has again been compromised. The mystery behind the Jewel of Colorado continues as familiar characters clash with new opportunists, leaving Evan and Jacob wondering if they can trust anyone. With the loss of the stone causing tension within the Sanders family, Evan must determine if his relationship with Jacob is worth saving.

Legacy is the sequel to The Jewel of Colorado, and is meant to be read as a continuation of the first book, not as a standalone. For a limited time only, both books are available at a promotional price.

This is the direct continuation of the first novel Jewel of Colorado

This time we, as reader, were better into the whole thing because we know the character.
It is pleasant to see how well you know them.

In comparision to the first book this contained a bit more sexual interaction between Jacob and Evan, which was great because this was a complain last time.

The blurb tells really neat what happens in the book and I have to say the suspense was there, you were thrilled by the events. There were a few plot twists, unexpected revealings.

I had my fear while reading the blurb because of the character Alex, but with the end I am satisfied. I won’t spoiler here I will only say: it is unexpected.

The book isn’t really long but not short with over 130 pages but I was trough really fast, the story is capturing wheather there is a small thought of: really, the jewel, stolen again? It is a bit – and unwillingly comical to have this plot. Though it gives a good plug.

I wasn’t totally satisfied, some things were improved to the last book, some things were near a repetition of the events in book one and I still couldn’t stand a few character also I had my problems with the character Alex and the way Evan was reacting sometimes.

This time so only 4 out of 5 stars. Still good read and you need definitely the knowledge of book one. Otherwise you don’t have a clue.



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