Top Ten Tuesday #10: Thanksgiving freebie – 10 books I am thankful for! (november 22nd)

In this TTT (Top Ten Tuesday) meme which is hosted weekly with the utmost grace by The Broke and the Bookish I list Top Ten books I am grateful/thankful for.

  • A Family for Christmas by Jay Northcote
    my review
    I’m grateful for this book because it has a hartwarming topic and is well written, also it is by an author who I really respect for his actions and decisions this year. I think the author is totally brave and a minor character is for me an alter ego of the author. I am truly impressed.
  • A Walk through Hell by Felice Stevens
    my review
    I am thankful for a lot of books by Felice Stevens but this hits right in the heart. It was a debut read for me because I didn’t had the first edition of the book. I really loved Asher and Drew. ❤
  • Touch the Sky by Nyrae Dawn and Christina Lee
    Oh, this is on the list because of the collaboration of these two great authors. I thank them both they started to write this great story and I say thank you from the bottom of the heart for the topic this book had. Awesome writing, great character and a superb start of an interesting series. This story devastated me, shook me pleasantly. :3
  • Timing by Ashley John
    I’m grateful for this because of the topic and how it was displayed. The meaning behind this is really great, also I enjoyed this book so much. :3
  • Don’t trust the Cut by Kade Boehme
    I have a lot of other books I would list written by Kade Boehme – all of his books are great but this I’m thankful for is because of the own voice. It hits me hard what’s shown in the book, what the character have to suffer, what to go through. Really impressive and yeah, depressing sometimes.
  • Daring Fate by Megan Erickson
    my review
    I am really tahnkful for this book because it is a great shapeshifter series with a lot of sexy guys. :3 Thank you, Megan, for creating such a captivating story. :3
  • Collars & Cuffs series by K.C. Wells
    So thankful for this because it was my first BDSM series I’ve read and learned to love.
  • Five Boroughs series by Santino Hassell
    How can I not be thankful for this story, which comes with interracial and own voice features. :3 Also a great hell of a series, with badass character and sometimes desturbing scenes.. hard as life, love it.  ❤
  • Twelve Truths and a Lie by Christina Lee
    my review
    I am more the M/M reader a while now but this book is awesome. Fierce heroine, a sweet, romantic story and charming topic. :3 Yes, I am totally thankful. :3
  • Imperfect Harmony by Jay Northcote
    Can’t help myself but another book by Jay Northcote have to be on the list. :3 Why? Because this contains everyrthing I love and when I hear the title I remember the emotions fondly I’ve had while reading. :3
  • Bonus: Dance with me by Heidi Cullinan
    my review
    Gosh, what did this book made with me. Captured by the moves and by the writing this is a true gem. Read my review WHY I love this book so much. ❤

What are your ten book you are thankful for? Those you can’t miss anymore, which hit you so hard. 🙂


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