Share the Love Sunday # 10 + 11

This is a weekly feature where I babble about my week, things I am happy about. Based on the “Theme Days” in the author – reader Facebook group Hassell & Hall (now called Group H2)

I do this time again a double entry because I missed last weeks STLS…
Yeah, so last weekend I celebrated by birthday (november 7th) with a few friends of mine. I was so happy to receive a lot of presents, so lovely of my friends. :3 ❤

The whole week was mixed up, a bit stressy with the pre-preparation for the party but also relaxing. 🙂

This week was a bit eventful because I did a short trip to Hannover. It is a nice city and people are friendly. I ate really good in a brewery (pub), a rösti with salmon and salad on sour cream. ❤ Delicious. :3

This weekend I had to work – as usual – and the next weeks will be really hard because it is the christimas preparation time… >.<

Sorry for the short entry, I am a bit tired to be honest… Maybe I edit fotos to this later or I post them next week. 🙂

Kisses & hugs, Mikku-chan

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