Casual asking – my answers # 2: trigger

Because I don’t attend every week to certain events, I want to create a column where I collect all those blog actions/questions or interesting inspirations (by other blogs/follower ;)).

Have a look at the entries, they don’t will be maybe updated weekly but it is worth to have a bookmark maybe on this category. 😉 Feel free to suggest me interesting blog actions/features. 🙂

This time it is again a Monday question which is hosted by Svenja from the blog Buchfresserchen weekly. The rules for this blog action: every Monday there is a question which to answer within 7 day. To participate you don’t need to start on Mondays. 🙂 The question was an entry by Cara from  Bookinghampalaceblog

The question by her was: What are particular trigger which stop your reading?

Oh, this is a good question and I love to answer it. :3
But I want to answer it also a bit more in general, so my second part is about which trigger stop my reading regarding genre/topics. 🙂

So: reason why I stop reading a book are

  • the book isn’t what I expected… mostly it is when I’m not that fond of the genre. Mostly it happens with fantasy (from high fantasy to urban fantasy) and when there are pages and pages of descriptions… So, no, sorry… I am so tired of this… I know people will “kill” me but I couldn’t stand this fact while reading the second novel of The Lord of the Rings. *sigh*
  • the character are so annoying and stupid and/or unbevievable unlogic… Such a turnoff and not a page turner. :/
  • too much editorial mistakes and mistakes in general, including smashing the inner logic…

So, and my topics I stop reading when it pops up and I didn’t had the “warning”/hint:

  • adulation of violence -> I don’t mind the showing of violence for example in a thriller or crime novel, but not the glorification of disgusting acts… only in the frame of a biography I could endure this, if I read about a serial killer maybe… But otherwise: no go
  • violence against minorities including the adulation for example nothing where kids are harmed only “for the fun”. >.< *shudder*
  • kind of sexual practice. I don’t mind BDSM but some things are too much. I would draw the line when I would suddenly read about Sodomie/bestialty…
  • in the M/M genre I start to skip the book maybe if I wasn’t warned it is male pregnancy (the fantasy where men can become pregnant and able to carry children) -> but it depends on the way of writing in general of the story

Do you have any trigger which stop you in your reading? Maybe topics/themes you can’t stand and are a no go? 🙂


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