Stacking the Shelves # 10

Stacking The Shelves, hosted gracefully by Tynga’s Reviews, is a weekly feature. It is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

This week I received 4 ARCs, one review copy and bought/ got 4 books. 🙂
No review copies arrived me. 🙂

*for the better understanding: I’ll call ebook review copies mostly ARCs whereas I call german review copies simply review copies. 😀

ARCs/review copies

A Family for Christmas by Jay Northcote
release date: November 18th


Zac never had a family of his own, but Rudy has enough to share.

Shy, inexperienced Rudy has a crush on Zac from the moment his new colleague walks through the door. On an office night out before Christmas, Rudy finds the courage to make a move, and they form a tentative bond. When he discovers Zac will be alone at Christmas, he invites Zac to come home with him.

Zac prefers to keep people at arm’s length. Yet when Rudy offers him a family Christmas it’s impossible to resist. With no parents of his own, Zac is pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by Rudy’s. The only drawback is that everyone assumes they’re a couple. Unwilling to disappoint Rudy’s mum and make Christmas awkward, they decide not to deny it.

It’s not a chore for Zac to pose as Rudy’s boyfriend, but the pretence makes him want things that scare him—things like a real relationship with Rudy. Zac’s suffered enough rejection in his life already and is afraid to risk his heart. If he can get over his past rejection and let Rudy inside his armour, he might get more for Christmas than he ever imagined.

Length: 44,000 words approx

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

A christmas story by Jay Northcote. :3 I am really thrilled. :3

The Jewel of Colorado by Jason Collins
release date: November 13th


When Evan Carlson hears that a member of the elusive Sanders family is visiting his bank to have the most valuable diamond in Colorado appraised, he assumes that he won’t be allowed anywhere near the jewel. But when Jacob Sanders arrives, he specifically requests that Evan be present for the secretive meeting, and Evan tries his best to keep his composure around the strikingly handsome man. Jacob comes across as a friendly, assertive guy who is unaffected by his wealth, and Evan feels an immediate attraction.

Invited to visit the Sanders Ranch, Evan discovers a family who cares deeply for each other despite their attempts to keep some of their darker secrets hidden. When one of those unwanted secrets appears out of the blue, Evan and Jacob are thrown together and forced to deal with the chaos. As the two men begin to explore their feelings, they must deal with the realization that the precious jewel has gone missing.

Trying his best to comfort Jacob, Evan agrees to help search for the missing stone or the person who might have stolen it. With fingers being pointed in all directions, Evan tries to keep himself off the list of suspects as he moves forward cautiously. Hoping to save their relationship, Evan joins in the hunt for Colorado’s most infamous jewel.

Source: Goodread
Buy link: amazon

The author is such a nice person I wanted to give this debut work a try and it is really good. Full review will follow soon. Planned for the 16th. 🙂

Stronger With You by Siera Riley
release date: November 18th


“Give it a try. Let yourself be happy. Believe you deserve it.”

“A summer adventure is just what I need.”

Eddie Damron needs a break from the stress of nursing school and everyday life. When an opportunity arises to work for a kayak tour company on a picturesque island in the Pacific Northwest, he jumps in with both feet. Cheerful, optimistic, and determined to have fun, he’s startled when one of his new coworkers rebuffs his efforts at friendship. What’s Mike’s problem?

“Sometimes even this place doesn’t feel far enough away from my past.”

Mike Hewitt ran away to Corona Island eight years ago, fleeing his wreck of a marriage and the old life that still haunts him. The distance he keeps between himself and everyone else is necessary. Why can’t people see that? What does he have to do to get the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed new blond kid to leave him alone? Doesn’t he know Mike’s straight?

“Don’t you ever get tired of pushing everyone away?”

Eddie can’t stop thinking about Mike. Mike grudgingly admits that Eddie can be good company, at times. But when they’re forced to work side by side on the open ocean, will it destroy the budding attraction Eddie feels? Will Mike push him away for good? Or will their whole be greater than the sum of their parts? Both men came to Corona Island seeking something specific: adventure, escape, a new life. They never thought they’d find it with each other.

Stronger With You is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

It shouldn’t surprise that another Sierra Riley novel is on my list, also not as an ARC. xD I am so looking foreward to read it. 🙂

New Leaf by Hayden Hunt
release date: November 8th


I thought he was out of my life for good.

I always hoped I’d run into Jackson again. I didn’t think it was ever going to happen, but I always hoped. So the day I found his lost kitten felt like fate. I didn’t even know he was in town, and now I was going to be seeing him again so that I could return his adorable cat.

But it’s been years since we last spoke and things didn’t exactly end well. I used to be in love with him, and I still have so many feelings, but can I forgive him? He’s been wonderful to me in the past but he also hurt me deeply. I can’t deny, though, that the bond between us is still strong. At least, it is for me. I can’t be sure how he feels. Especially considering how he left…

I was such a fool to ever let him go.

I haven’t been the best person, I will fully admit to that. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but leaving Grant behind was by far the biggest. He was my best friend, I’ve never been closer to anyone else.

And that’s the scary part for me. My biggest fear about returning to my hometown to help out my family was that I’d run into him again. I don’t want to get close to him again because it might mean losing him. And I already feel crushed from losing him the first time.

This standalone 30,000 word novella is currently on sale for .99! It comes complete with HEA ending and bonus material from two of my other books

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

The cover is really charming with the colors. :3 I am looking forward to read it.

Inbetween – Zwischen Bühne und Bordell by Svea Lundberg
release date: August 24th

31678255Synopsis (german):

Jerik hält nicht viel von Musicals und an so etwas wie Liebe auf den ersten Blick glaubt er auch nicht – so lange, bis er bei einer Show einem Tänzer begegnet, der ihn ungewollt eines Besseren belehrt. Alexej ist allerdings kein Mann für eine Beziehung und Jerik nicht interessiert an einem Kerl, der sein eigenes Leben nicht auf die Reihe bekommt.
Dennoch gehen die beiden das Wagnis einer Beziehung ein, obwohl Jerik weiß, dass Alexej seine Drogensucht mit bezahltem Sex finanziert.

Das Taschenbuch hat 364 Seiten

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon (Germany)

It was a recommendation by a friend of mine (thank you for this ;)) and the blurb as well as the cover are so great. 🙂 I can translate the blurb if sb is interested because it’s in german… 🙂

bought books (also free books)

A Christmas Hex (Hexworld  # 2.5) by Jordan L. Hawk
release date: October 31st


A Hexworld Short Story

Roland knows he will never find love. Everyone views wolf familiars like himself as dangerous beasts, unable to rein in their savage impulses. He’s resigned himself to his fate—or so he thinks, until he meets the dashing Augustus Cao. His witch.

Gus is on the trail of a gang of thieves, and Roland holds an important clue. Even though they can never bond, Roland can’t pass up the opportunity to spend a night with his witch.

Can Roland conceal his secret, while helping Gus catch the thieves? Or will the handsome detective be the one to steal his heart?

Short story: 15,475 words
Genre: m/m paranormal historical romance

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

I needed this short story of the Hexworld series by Jordan L. Hawk. Just because of the author. xD This is only for 0,99 to get since it’s a short story under 100 pages.

Decidedly Off Limits by Stina Lindenblatt
release date: November 7th


Best Friend Rule #1: never want the guy’s sister.

Trent Salway is one of San Francisco’s hot up-and-coming-under-thirty bachelors. A highly successful mutual fund portfolio manager, a workaholic, and a ladies’ man, he’s got everything he could possibly want…except one thing.

Physical therapist Kelsey Quaid dumped her ex-fiancé six months ago because she was tired of not even being a distant second to his career. Which is why despite secretly crushing on her big brother’s best friend for as long as she can remember, there’s no way Kelsey can go there. One workaholic in her life is more than enough, thank you very much.

Before Kelsey’s brother leaves on his Navy SEAL mission, he asks Trent one simple request: make sure Kelsey isn’t dating any assholes while he’s away. As Trent does his best to do just this, he and Kelsey spend more and more time together. Sparks fly, as do a few items of clothing, and the next thing they know things are getting physical between them. Now, Trent has to decide what to do about the woman he’s falling for—the one whose brother would take him down faster than he takes down the enemy. And Kelsey will have to decide if Trent is just another workaholic or if he’s decidedly off limits.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

A non M/M book but the cover and blurb sound so good. :3

Also got my pre-ordered copy of Happily Even After (Student Bodies # 9) by Pandora Pine. See my review here.
As well as A Walk Through Fire (Through Hell and Back # 1) by Felice Stevens. Have a look at my review here.

books I’m waiting for/ preordered

I like to give an overview of the anticipated books, some of them are preordered (marked with a ++). I put the link to goodreads on the title. In the comming StS issues I will present them. 🙂

  • Daring Fate (Silver Tip Pack # 1) by Megan Erickson – release date November 14th++
  • Flying Without a Net by E.M. Ben. Shaul – release date November 17th++
  • Country Talk (On the Radio # 3) by Pandora Pine – release date December 6th++
  • Wrapped together (Portland Heat # 5) by Annabeth Albert – release date December 6th++
  • Off Base (Out of Uniform # 1) by Annabeth Albert – release date January 9th 2017++
  • Undercurrent (Sand Dollar Shoal # 1) by Pandora Pine – release date January 10th 2017++
  • Danced Close (Portland Heat # 6) by Annabeth Albert – release date March 14th 2017++

This is my overview… Feel free to leave a comment if you have similar books on your list. 🙂


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