Top Ten Tuesday #8: 10 Books I’ve Added To My To-Be-Read List Lately (november 8th)

In this TTT (Top Ten Tuesday) meme which is hosted weekly with the utmost grace by The Broke and the Bookish I list Ten Books I’ve Added To My To-Be-Read List Lately. I will leave out the most popular titles or those I’ve presented right now…

  • Christmas Kitsch by Amy Lane
    This author is totally new for me. But I read a review and this was good. 🙂 The title is so funny, and fitting for Christmas. xD



  • Bare by Lynn Kelling
    This is also a debut author for me. The cover is so stunning, I can’t wait to read this. But I’m also curious… Isn’t a light topic…


  • Golden Dancer (Dangerous Dancers # 1) by Tara Lain
    I really like books about dancer. :3 It’s a ménage and I’m curious how I like this. Tara Lain really humored me with Knight of Ocean Avenue (Laguna Love # 1)


  • Death Dancer (Dangerous Dancers # 2) by Tara Lain
    This cover was even more fastinating than from book 1 and it was the reason I was hooked by the blurb and got the info about it.


  • A Christmas Kiss by Annabelle Jacobs
    Again a christmas story but this sounds so sweet and good. 🙂


  • Alone for Christams by Ashley John
    Okay, I said no well known author but this looks so sweet and good. :3 Christmas story # 3 on this list. xD


  • Checking it Twice (The Carlisles # 3) by Meg Harding
    I am sooo hooked by the series, I can’t wait to read this.


  • Tight End by Devon McCormack
    Hhmhm, I am really curious to read this. Devon is a funny guy and his collaboration with Riley was awesome. :3 I expect a good entertainment.


  • Decidedly of Limits by Stina Lindenblatt
    It is rare that I list non-gay romance title but this sounds so awesome is on my kindle now. :3 I have a few author friends who liked this and the preview is good. :3 Looking forward to read it. 🙂


  • Bonus: The Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar by Martin Windrow
    Ohhh, this is such a sweet cover and I found this book in a bookstore randomly. :3 I am a huge owl fan and so this is a must read.

What are your ten books you’ve recently put on your TBR list? Do you have special lists? So more than one? Tell me if you like. 🙂


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