Share the Love Sunday # 9

This is a weekly feature where I babble about my week, things I am happy about. Based on the “Theme Days” in the author – reader Facebook group Hassell & Hall (now called Group H2)

This STLS issue is all about pre-preparing. XD Tomorrow’s my birthday and because I have guests on the weekend I need to prepare a few things. 🙂

I plan to mop my flat, have to tidy up a few things *cough* my desk *cough*, and also need to buy groceries so I can cook a few things… Really plain and ordenary. 😀

Also I have to prepare a few blog entries, I will do two double reviews tomorrow and have also to write the post for the release blitz of Felice Stevens’ A Walk Through Fire:3

Besides this I am, of course, totally excited to finally open my gifts I receive from my dear and lovely friends from Asia (one from Japan, the other from Taiwan <3).
I am sitting and counting down the hours. xDD Love to unwrap gifts but the best thing is when my friends and family is thinking about me. :3 ❤ It’s the greatest gift. ❤

Also I like to share my STLS entry I posted on Facebook:

for being (at least trying to be) respectful and aware of people’s opinions, pain or just in general…
But also I want to say, because I ask myself lately: why is there so much anger and even hate inside the community…?!

I don’t want to have an anwswer to this – if there is any, I guess not – it’s only a thing which crosses my mind when I see different discussions here in groups on FB, on GR, on Twitter…

I don’t name any particular, maybe everybody know one or two discussions going on which are fitting to this…
I also don’t want to reduce any person’s feelings, the need to talk, express the feelings etc. Some discussions I agree with, some not…

I just… be confused… as I said, by the heavy reactions, the anger, the pain, the hate and the wish to “hurt”… Some seem to forget that not everything is an attack, so they don’t need to react heavily and defend themselfs…and I talk about both sides…

I know the world – and also (of course) the LGBTQ+ community (I conclude it to this term, I left nobody out, I just need a “term”) isn’t an ivory tower where people love each and everybody, with unicorns riding over a meadow, sparkling and leaving rainbows behind… I would love it but I’m not a dreamer, I’m a realist, though an optimistic one. 🙂

I just be currently a bit reflective and maybe also a bit lost and sad… So I left and share my words with you…

So, my conclusion (because tl;dr maybe): show respect, to both sides and don’t attack and necessary defend heavily if you haven’t really consider both sides and the facts…
But don’t bow for ignorant people… it’s okay you try but some things never success. But at least you tried it. And that’s worth it…

I don’t want to lecture anybody, I don’t want to start an arguement or a discussion. I wanted only to share this with you. 🙂

So, with this close my blogentry. 🙂

Kisses & hugs, Mikku-chan


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