Follow Friday # 5 (november 4th) – library card


Hosted gracefully by Bücherwurm (Patricia) from FiktiveWelten this meme is asking every friday a particular question. The question is “valid” until the next thursday.
The purpose behind is to get in contact wiht other blogger and to maybe gain new follower or meet interesting people in general. 🙂 😉
General info and rules here (blog entry in German).
A general overview page will be posted soon. 🙂

The question
Do you have a/any library card(s)? Do you use it/them?

As a student I have a library card, of course and yes, I use it. 🙂 I use the card for my research, but despite this particular use the card isn’t in high use. But it is not because of disinteterest it’s more that besides the literature for my seminar papers there are less books I would read in my free time.

For another library like in my town I don’t have a library card which is a pity because I would love to use it. We have had a library in our village/the small town where I live but it closed. And the public library in Kassel, where I study isn’t really appealing and so I only use my university’s library card. 🙂

What about you? Do you have a/any library card(s)? Do you use it/them?


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